Best Paying Affiliate Programs – Which One Should You Promote?

Affiliate programs offer those who want to create an income stream a simple means to sell other peoples products. What makes affiliate programs so desirable is that they provide desired products from proven providers with you collecting a commission without having to worry about stocking or shipping the product yourself. To be part of an affiliate network is akin to being a salesperson who works on commission and never has to leave the office. For every sale that is made, you earn a percentage of the profit.

Of course, the better the affiliate program, the more money you will make. Here are the top 10 best paying affiliate programs for 2018.

Affiliate Partners Ltd.

One of the first and still one of the most successful, Affiliate Partners Ltd. offers high payouts for its products and has unique services that include casino, sales funnels, trading, gaming, and more. Their primary focus is on the financial sector. They have over 50,000 affiliates and are growing rapidly. The 24/7 support helps as well, which is why so many people become affiliate marketers through this site.

Amazon Associates

Easily one of, if not the biggest affiliate network in the world, Amazon Affiliates benefits tremendously from being the largest online retailer. This means consumers trust Amazon and they make it easy to sell their products. They offer a plethora of affiliate marketing tools which makes them an ideal starting place for the beginner. Combine this with the reputation of amazon and you can see why people flock to Amazon Associates to market their products


A digital platform that includes more than 4000 businesses that sell exclusively online, Avangate offers exceptional services that reaches over 180 countries. They specialize in sales of software, SaaS and digital solutions. It helps that their entire network makes commission payments fast and easy.

CJ Affiliate by Conversant

You can reach millions of consumers through this affiliate network. Formerly known as Commission Junction, this network includes several other companies that offer a wide variety of products. You can find what you need at CJ Affiliate. Virtually any product you want to promote can be found in this affiliate program.


Arguably the most well-known of all affiliate networks, ClickBank has been around for nearly two decades and offers over 6 million products. The commission is good for many products, but it is the website, landing page, and overall support that makes it a great choice. Commissions range from $3.00/sale to over $100/sale pending on the product or offer.

Clickbank is now offering training on how to successfully promote their affiliate products.  Click Here to learn more.

Commission Factory

Simple, easy-to-use, and offering many different products, Commission Factory is easily one of the best paying affiliate programs around. You can easily join and start making money right away thanks to the ability to find many different products that consumers desire.


Despite its popularity, relatively few people know that eBay has an affiliate marketing program. What makes eBay a great choice is that everything is their for you, including the site where you sell your items. Plus, eBay offers excellent tracking, reporting, and tools to help you succeed. This format offers some diversity in products as hundreds of products are added on a daily basis and you can promote individual ebay pages.


Used to be known as Buy.com, Rakuten offers over 90,000 products to more than 18 million customers. As an e-commerce site, this is one of the best thanks to its unique consumer model and reach around the world.


This affiliate network benefits from its lean, efficient approach to affiliate marketing. With excellent product choices, fast service, and honest reputation, ShareASale is a great place to start your affiliate marketing efforts. They have been in business over 18 years and offer an extensive list of tools to help the beginner succeed in affiliate marketing.

Terra Leads

For diet, health, and beauty needs, Terra Leads is simply one of the best. They produce their own products in house so you can be assured of the quality and service of the products you are promoting. While their products sell quite well, it is the support that affiliate marketers get from 24/7 service to tracking leads properly to the innovative e-payment system that makes it one of the best paying affiliate programs you can find.

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  1. I enjoyed your article because it was informative. Now I know which programs I should promote.
    You are correct I didn’t know that eBay had an affiliate program so thank you for sharing this information with me. I will have to check them out.
    I also hadn’t checked into ShareASale but from your review I think I need to.
    Thank you very much.

  2. I really enjoy using Clickbank, because it simply has so many products and the commissions are really great. The whole design is very simple and it’s easy to navigate the site. But, there’s just so many scam products on this site. It’s not very easy to find a great product that you would like to recommend to your audience, because you might lose trust if you choose the scam offers.

    • I agree Donny, however if you choose products with a high gravity typically they aren’t scam products.  Gravity is what clickbank uses to tell the advertiser which products are being promoted and converting over other products.  Gravity refers to the number of affiliates who have earned a commission by promoting a particular vendor’s product. Therefore, if a publisher has a high gravity score, it means that the vendor has lots of affiliates earning money by promoting their product. This is an indicator that the product converts well and is not a scam.

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