How to Make Money on Clickbank

Clickbank is one of the more established methods of building a second income stream on the internet. The concept is simple enough, Clickbank provides a myriad of products to sell that have their own landing page. All you need to do is market the products that are offered or sell one of your own. The benefits start with having everything set up for you, including a website that handles the transaction and shipping of the product.

However, understanding how to make money on Clickbank is another matter that takes time, patience, and the right type of marketing effort. This is because you are in competition with many others who are selling the same product unless you decide to sell your own. So you need to come up with marketing ideas that separate you from the pack and make you stand out. Some marketing ideas include email marketing, pay per click advertising, content marketing and niche websites.

Sell Other People’s Products

This is the most common way to make money on Clickbank. For internet marketing starters this is the way to go because you don’t have to worry about creating a product. Also, the affiliate product you are promoting takes care of all the customer service including shipping and handling of the product. For every product that you sell, you earn a commission that may range from 5% up to 75% depending on the product. Plus, the work you must do is straightforward, simply get people to visit the affiliate landing page and turn visitors into customers. However, this can be easier said than done.

Clickbank University

This is because you are competing against others who are selling the same product, so you must find ways to make your efforts unique and eye-catching. An excellent way to get immediate traffic to the site is pay per click marketing like google and bing ads. However, you really need to pay close attention to your PPC campaigns so you don’t spend more that what you are making in commissions. Keyword research is vitally important in this form of marketing. A couple of tips to follow when you are promoting other peoples products include:

  • Sign up for a clickbank account and get your affiliate ID
  • Research before choosing a product to sell – ideally you want a product that is in very high demand
  • Identify the right keywords – Jaaxy is an excellent keyword research tool
  • Sign up for Bing and Google Adwords and research how to market effectively using these formats

Sell Your Own Product

You have numerous advantages if you sell your own products on Clickbank, particularly eBooks and online courses which can be delivered immediately after the sale. There are 1000s of potential product ideas and you can get ideas by simply going through some products that are already listed on Clickbank. By listing yourself as a vendor, you can set the commission level and have others make the sales for you. This can become very lucrative the more people you get to market your products. It is like hiring a massive sales force and only paying them commissions. As a vendor, you have plenty to work with when using the Clickbank site. They offer a complete set of tools for creating your own product and help every step of the way.

The beauty of Clickbank is that it can hold any number of your products from small to large if they can be shipped to the customer either physically or digitally. While you are paying a commission for each sale, keep in mind that it would not have sold without that person marketing your product. So paying a commission to generate sales is well worth it. Some tips to follow for creating and selling your own product include:

  • -Make your landing page user-friendly
  • -Keep the focus on sales
  • -Finish with a clear “call to action”
  • -Create a product that fills a need
  • -Offer generous commissions to attract many sellers
  • -Make an email newsletter for interested consumers
  • -Include contests and discounts to bring in more buyers

When selling your own product it’s best to view Clickbank as a method to generate leads and not just making a sale immediately. If you take the long approach, you’ll generate more sales which leads to creating more products that help build up your business. Always create an email newsletter sign up page and offer something free when they subscribe. This allows you to generate an email list that you can repeatedly market to. This will always keep your product in front of the potential customer when he or she decides to take action and purchase.

Understanding the basics of how to make money on Clickbank with your own product starts with the knowledge that your efforts will probably not reap overnight success. However, if you are persistent and target the right audience, you can build a substantial online business either selling other people’s products or your own on Clickbank.

By following these tips, you can increase your sales and learn how to make money on Clickbank even more effective. Good luck in all your future endeavors.

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  1. The key here is how to draw visitors to your website and its pages. This is usually done by writing quality content, lots of it. Does the Clickbank option work that way and if so, will you be trained in how to do this? If not, then Clickbank appears to be only for seasoned internet marketers. Judging by the amounts shown in the table, you will be able to make money, but not in great quantities. Would you personally advise Clickbank as a means to make money online?

    • Thank you for your comment Jerry,

      I do recommend Clickbank as a way to generate a supplemental income as I have done so simply by using pay per click ads on google and bing.  You do need to watch your ads closely and discontinue a campaign after 100 clicks if you have not made a sale.

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