How to Make Money with Fiverr

How to Make Money with Fiverr

Over the past few years, Fiverr has grown to become one of the most popular freelance sites on the internet. For freelancers, you can set up an account in minutes and start selling your services which may range from writing to graphic design, video, animation, programming, business, music, and much more. Customers can find you on Fiverr when they need specific services performed. Most services offered are only five dollars to purchase thus the name Fiverr, however there are many services that are higher priced based on the size of the project.

While setting up an account is easy, getting customers requires some effort on your part. The key is to develop a strong reputation in your field so that customers will gravitate to you. Here are a few tips on how you can improve your reputation and learn how to make money on Fiverr.

Offer Fast Service

The best way to establish your reputation for delivering quality work is by offering your service with a fast delivery time. People are more willing to try someone new if they can get the work completed quickly. So, research the other Fiverr sellers in your field and try to match, if not beat their delivery time so you can earn some work. When customers order these gigs it is usually because they have a problem they need addressed quickly so having a quick turn around is attractive to a potential customer.

Have Low Price Offer

In other words, you should have at least one service offered at the $5 range. This encourages people to try you out and see the quality of your work. Depending on the service offered, that may or may not be possible, but you should strive to have a low-cost offer to draw in potential customers. You can always include higher priced packages for those who are convinced your service works for them. You could also offer a product for $5 and then offer additional upgrades to the offering for more work.

Improve Your Work

When people are searching for freelancers, they want the best at the right price. The good news is that Fiverr sets the prices, so all you need to do is deliver top-quality work. Learn as much as you can about your profession, so you can deliver the best work possible. This is because your reputation is reflected in the high ratings you receive for your work which in turn brings in more orders. These ratings can advance your seller status and improve your chance of being seen by potential customers.

Know Your Limitations

There is an old saying that the customer is always right. Well, that does not apply to the work that you do. If a customer wants you to do work that is outside your field or has an order far larger than you can complete, it is best to turn it down right away rather than wait. You should set any limitations in your Fiverr account, so customers can read them. Otherwise, if you face a job that you cannot complete, inform the customer immediately. You may take a small hit on your account, but it is better to be honest than not deliver the work as promised.

Keep in mind that it will take a little time to build up your reputation. You will also run into those who do not like your work. By taking everything in stride and focusing on your long-term goals, you can make it. To learn how to make money on Fiverr requires effort, consistency, patience, and persistence. If you can apply yourself towards building up a strong reputation, you can make money on Fiverr.

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  1. I was working as e freelancer in fiverr and I have to say that I was impressed about it’s features. The only thing that I don’t like is that you can only set the sale only for $5. My offers value more than $5 and I was trying to add bonuses to make more money. Anyway, Fiverr is the ideal place for someone who has graphic design skills or writing, marketing skills and generally any skill that you can apply online. Your post is powerful and many people could affected.

    • Thank you for your comment Constantine.  It always means more coming from someone who has had direct experience on the subject.

  2. I like the sound of Fiverr but can’t help wonder how you would make money if the limit is set at $5.
    I was looking to sell my writing skills and what would you suggest as being a fair price for this service.
    Also, is there a limit on the number of jobs you can undertake at one time?
    Thanks, Jeff.

    • Hi Jeff,

      Ya the downside is the low initial price for services, however you can offer add ons and upgrades at an additional price to boost your earnings.  No, there is no limit to the number of jobs you can take on, but they do need to be finished in a timely manner to meet fiverr’s requirements.

      Thanks, Bryan

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