Profit Clicking Review – Scam or Legit?

Name: Profit Clicking Profit Clicking Review
Overall Ranking: 20/100
Price: Free
Owners: Fredrick Mann


Making money online has made people go to great extent in order to have a share of the pie. The unfortunate thing is that most systems online promise to make you rich overnight, but the reality is that they are just scams. Profit Clicking is one of the companies that claims to show people how to make money online by just clicking websites and viewing advertisements. The website also claims that it offers members 600 free advertisement credits, after which one is required to pay as little as 10 dollars. Here’s a genuine review of this system.


• When you first join the site, you do not pay a cent to be part of the program. In fact, you are offered 600 free advertisement credits.

• Although earning reasonable amount of money is not easy, some people have reported seeing returns.


• Many users say that withdrawing their money is a nightmare, and it may take months to complete the transaction.

• The site keeps changing names and redirecting visitors to another site, which is really confusing. Many users say Potebtial Scamthat this is a tactic to keep on luring visitors with the same lie.

Who is it for?

ProfitClicking.com is for any person who is vulnerable and looks to go to extreme to make money. It is designed to lure people who are new to the online marketing world. The site is also geared toward clients who want to get advertising.

Tools Training/Overview

Although the system claims to have a legally complain-patented system, it is clear that they do not give enough or sufficient information on how it guarantees earnings over a short period of time. There’s no training material on how to get started and earn income, and many users say that everything about it is unclear.


The website does not have a support system, where you can contact the owners directly. However, it offers a FAQ page where people can learn more about the program and how it works. Beyond that, getting more details to clear the air is a never-ending journey.


Signing up with the program is absolutely free, to get started click here. In fact, members are offered a total of 600 free advertisement credits, after which the payments are as little as 10 dollars.


Going by the many users who have used the system and the tools the website offers, chances are that the program is just a mere scam. It claims to guarantee impressive income but only a few people can attest to its efficacy.

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  1. I would really just appreciate being able to register. There’s not much availability for people in Puerto Rico even though we are the United States territory still left with no definition of our status. I don’t understand.

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