Product Name:  Wealth Profit Alliance
Overall ranking: 70/100
Level 1 – $800
Level 2 – $1,400
Level 3 – $2,600
Level 4 – $3,800
Level 5 – $6,000
Level 6 – $12,000
Owner’s Name:    Robert Carter
Vice President, Wealth Profit Alliance, Inc.
Contact E-mail Address:
Phone: 1-800-707-3998
Website: wpawealth.com/

Introduction to Wealth Profit Alliance

Wealth Profit Alliance is a complete, A-to-Z, step-by-step multimedia course on how you can generate consistent and near unstoppable daily profits… starting your very first week.

At each level they supply you with incredible moneymaking tools and provide you with all the hidden, little-known and closely guarded wealth creation techniques that can instantly turn individuals like YOU into millionaires.

They use online search engines on a daily basis to seek help and solutions to all kinds of problems, research products and services before they make buying decisions and to locate specific items for purchase.

By using this product, the user is able to see what key words are being searched on popular websites such as Google, YouTube, and Amazon.  From this information they can then be able to use the retrieval information for their own business marketing plan.

Pros of Using Wealth Profit Alliance

  • Trained support staff will always do their best to respond to you within 24 hours
  • Make money 7 days a week, even while you sleep
  • Wealth Profit Alliance closes 100% of the sales on your behalf, making it possible for you to earn “mammoth-sized” daily commissions of $500, $1,000, $2,000, $3,000, $5,000 and $10,000
  • After you get your very first commission, the lifetime residual income feature kicks in automatically, meaning that you’ll continue to get giant recurring commissions with no additional effort on your part.
  • There is absolutely no selling, explaining, phone work or hassles involved (Thy do all the work, including answering all questions and closing all sales)
  • Within your first 30 days you’ll discover why this is undoubtedly the fastest way to creating a 5-figure monthly income with a business that runs 100% on autopilot
  • Next 48 hours only, you’ll get a FREE postcard mailing sent out on your behalf
  • Website professional designed
  • Provides testimonials of current customers and their success stories

Wealth Profit Allianc


  •  The website forces you to provide your email address before it will allow you to see the real website
  • The majority of the website revolves around the “BIG MONEY” you will generate by investing in this company
  • There is no clear guidance on what you will be selling or investing your money into
  • There are six levels of investment options. Each one costs a tremendous amount of money for an initial investment
  • There is no money back guarantee on this product

 Who is this program for?

Wealth Profit Alliance is for anyone who is serious about making a onetime investment and then hope to generate high profits with little or no investment of their time.

 Training and tools available

 The following features are available to members based on their purchase of the software:

  • E-Mail Support
  • Toll free phone number
  • 24/7 support


The program offers the below listed contact information:

Robert Carter

Vice President, Wealth Profit Alliance, Inc.

Contact E-mail Address: admin@wpawealth.com

Phone: 1-800-707-3998

Note:  It states that the service is available 24/7


Six levels – below is what each package costs and includes:

Level 1 Product Package – You Earn $500 Per Sale

You get instant access to the most powerful income-producing resources available anywhere…

Million Dollar Direct Mail Secrets: Top Secret Interviews with the Industry’s Richest Direct Response Masters.

Income Transformation: How To Create Wealth Effortlessly Using The Magnetic Blueprint Of Renegade Millionaires.

FREE Warrior Forum Marketing: Drive An Ongoing Stampede Of Hungry Prospects To Your Website That Equal A Daily Stream Of Commissions For You.

  • Product Launch Handbook: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online With A Proven Cash-Siphoning Web Page.

Level 2 Product Package – You Earn $1000 Per Sale

Ultra-Private Buyer Lists Revealed: Use These Hyper-Productive Mailing Lists To Get Predictable 3-4% Response Rates… No Matter What You’re Offering.

Invisible Influence: 8 Hypnotic Strategies That Bring You Massive Daily Profits With Your Website – Both Easier and Faster Than Ever Before.

Cash-On-Demand: Create Instant Profits and Get Filthy Rich With Simple YouTube Videos.

Internet Marketing Explained: The Master Plan of Marketing Your Business on The Internet Using Insider “Traffic Domination” Techniques.

47 Top Strategies: Learn The “Secrets To Their Success” From Our Top Income Producers.

Ultimate Twitter Profits 3.0: Mind-blowing Shortcuts To Pulling In Over $48,000 Monthly With Amazingly Simple Tweets.

  • Advanced Search Engine Guidebook: Turbocharge Your Daily Traffic & Profits With “Little-Known” Techniques Even Google Themselves Don’t Want You To Know About.

Level 3 Product Package – You Earn $2,000 Per Sale

You get everything in the above 2 packages, plus…

Postcard Magic: How Newbies – With Zero Experience – Are Earning Over $1,500 A Day Using Results-Driven Postcards.

Facebook Marketing Success System: How To Master Facebook Ads To Get The Maximum Reach, Results and Revenue… Eventually Creating A Sizable Monthly Income With Any Opportunity You’re Promoting.

Traffic Secrets 2.0 (How To Easily Drive A Ton of “Laser-Targeted” Traffic To Any Website).

The Ultimate Sales Letter Toolbox: All The Headlines, Selling Words, Benefit-Laden Bullets, Copy-Connectors, Guarantees and Closes You’ll Ever Need To Create Killer Sales Letters In Just Hours.

Mastermind Consulting: 7 Rules For Making $85,000 A Month With Your Own High-Powered Consulting Business That Brings In Revenue For Life.

The Viral Effect: How To Use A Handful of Carefully Crafted Images and Captions That Rapidly Go Viral And Generate “Tens of Thousands” of Followers and Likes – Ultimately Leading To You Earning Over $100,000 A Year From Instagram.

Money Mindset: Find Out How To Rapidly Manifest Wealth, Health and Happiness With These Advanced “Law Of Attraction” Methods That Utilize The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery: Pull In Monstrous Daily Profits Even With NO Products, NO Website and NO Experience.

Level 4 Product Package – You Earn $3000 Per Sale

You get everything in the above 3 packages, plus…

Insider Secrets: Earn $30,000 A Month In 60 Days Or Less… Guaranteed.

Website Sales Vortex: Make Your Website A Literal Vacuum That Sucks In Prospects And Automatically Converts Them Into Lifelong Raving Customers.

Magnetic Email Marketing: How To Double Your Income In The Next 30-45 Days Using This Legendary Series of Autoresponder Messages… Make Sales “At Will” Almost Every Time You Send An Email To Your List.

Online Marketing Blueprint: The Ultimate Step-By-Step System For Generating Massive Amounts of “Ultra-Quality” Web Traffic… Literally Overnight.

High-Ticket Sales: The “Golden Key” To An Electrifying $50,000 A Month Income.

Copywriting Success System: Three Million-Dollar Copywriters Finally Reveal Their Confidential Shortcut Secrets On Exactly How They Created The Most Successful Direct Response Sales Copy… In Just Hours.

Social Media Domination: Rake In Colossal Daily Profits With Cheap Instagram and Facebook Ads… It’s So Much Easier Than You Think.

Time Management Breakthrough System: Transform Your Daily Life By Using The 8 Productivity Habits of 5 Billionaires… These Are The Tough-Minded, Personal Approaches To Achieving Absolute Control Over Your Time, Associates And The World Around

Level 5 Product Package – You Earn $5,000 Per Sale

You get everything in the above 4 packages, plus…

The Wealth Profits Alliance Case Study #2: Postcard Mastery – Discover How Raymond Uses A Simple 6×9 Postcard As His “Secret Weapon” For Earning Over $1,000 A Day… 1,500 Mailed Pieces Equals At Least ONE $1,000 Commission Daily (Minimum $30,000 Income Per Month).

Google AdWords Mastery: Learn All The “Jealously Guarded” Techniques of Pay-Per-Click Advertising That Turn Your Website Into A Literal Cash Machine That Keeps Pumping Out The Profits.

Inner Circle Strategies: Cracking The Code To An Automatic and Lifelong Residual Income of Over $20,000 A Month.

YouTube Sniper: How To Increase Your Profits With “Done-For-You” YouTube Videos That Grab Attention And Compel Big-Ticket Prospects To Buy.

Powerful Web Positioning: How To Flood Your Website With Red-Hot Visitors Who Are Literally Begging To Buy Your Products & Services.

Article Multiplier: Collect A Lifelong Stream Of Nonstop Profits With Keyword-Rich and Google-Loving Articles That Go Feverishly Viral – Remaining On The Internet Forever and Forcing A Steady Flow Of FREE Leads To Your Website.

iPhone & Android App Profit Machines: Earn An Extra $6,500 A Month With Apps That Are Designed For You FREE Of Charge… You Only Pay After Your App Begins To Generate You A “Hands-Free” Monthly Income That Lasts A Lifetime.

Level 6 Product Package – You Earn $10,000 Per Sale

You get everything in the above 5 packages, plus…

Wealth Profit Alliance Top Secret Case Studies (Never Before Revealed): Our Top 5 Income Earners – Who All Pull In Close To $185,000 A Month – Spill The Beans On Their Private Promotions… Letting You Exactly Copy Their Results And Success.

Traffic Secrets 3.0 (FREE Online Traffic Methods That Bring You Boatloads of Qualified Buyers – Resulting In Gigantic Daily Commissions Around The Clock).

eBook Money Machines: Secrets To Earning Insane Monthly Profits With Your Own Killer eBooks Fast… Whether You Created Them Or Not.

Automatic Email Profits: Reach Millions of Hungry Buyers In “Just Seconds” Using Broadcast Email Marketing To Heavy-Duty, Double Opt-In Prospects.

Million-Dollar Swipe File: Legally Steal From 14 of The Most Record-Shattering And Irresistible Sales Letters of All Time.

Amazon Wealth Mastery: Cash In With Mouthwatering Items That Sell Like Crazy And Earn You Profits Totaling Over 25K Per Month – It’s Like Having Your Own Private Money Machine With Products Being Automatically Drop-Shipped For You 7 Days Per Week.

  • Five-Figure Podcast Blueprint: Leverage The Power Of Podcasts That Remain Online For Years – Consistently Earning You Profits of $18,500 Per Month In Non-Stop Residual Income.

Final Verdict

Wealth Profit Alliance is for those that have a large amount of money they want to invest in hopes of making more of a profit.  The company boasts of the high revenue and commission the investor will make in a short amount of time.  There are video testimonials that help support their claims that they are a legitimate money making business.

The red flags that I noticed when I reviewed this program were that from first accessing the website they demanded to know my email address.  Another area of concern was that they were repeating certain phrases throughout the website of how much high commission and sales the user was entitled.  At one point I felt the business was trying to mesmerize the reader with all of these high numbers.

Another fascinating fact is that the cost of the program is at the bottom at small print on a separate website page.  The biggest concern I have for this program is that there is no clear explanation of what you will be selling.  Also, it doesn’t offer a money back guarantee.  These are two serious revelations that set up my high warning feeling.

Overall, I feel before a person invests in Wealth Profit Alliance I would suggest they do an in-depth check into their company through the Better Business Bureau. I would also do internet research to see what comes up about their company.

If you are looking for other avenues that offer a free start up then I would highly suggest reading this review on Wealthy Affiliate


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  1. JoAnne,

    Yes, many people start at Level 1 and then work their way up to the higher levels. My sponsors (Brian and Gina) worked with me very closely to help me get to the higher levels. I am now a Level 5 member. Brian and Gina are the top earners with Wealth Profit Alliance. Normally, I do not like to work with the top earners because they don’t help you, but Brian and Gina did. They were very helpful. You can read more about them and their story at WPA100.com

  2. Sounds like a scam the fib internet scam unit should know about.

  3. Have a friend who joined and has lost $6,000 so far. I lost $12,000 in a similar business based on this concept so be careful. Some of the same names keep popping up which makes me nervous.


  4. I have been in a similar program by Robert Carter and have not seen any results so far and I joined about 3 months ago! Have a hard time contacting anybody for help either!

  5. Does anyone know how much the mailings cost ? They don’t tell you, you get free mailing for signing up in 48 hrs…but what’s cost after that ?

    • I’m not in this program, but I would advise calling the 800# for more information. The program that I am in is Wealthy Affiliate and it is 100% legit and yes I have made money using this platform.

  6. I have done a lot of programs like these and never made money. My problem i want a money back ofter 90 days and i want to know what u are selling. I will not be holding the bag another program like those offered by Eric Becktold that promised u would make money advance 1 grade wherever u signed up. I am on fixed income and would be advanced from no 1 grade to 2 Automatically making me $1000 for every signup with the free postcard mailing that is mailing what? I am a old dog to the new tricks and if i ever do get in again i want to have guarantee written out that i can print if i don,t make any money in my first 30 days.

  7. I am currently going thru the training for wealthy affiliate and i have to say i am impressed so far

    • It is the best affiliate training on the net, not to mention the outstanding customer service as well as helpful community! Thanks for your comment.

  8. I saw this after searching and investigating automation riches. If you review both sites you will find the same information, you will even find that the success stories of each program, have some of same people only they change their names.

  9. I joined and went with the lowest level at 800.00 right after Thanksgiving in 2017 .I spent another 900.00 for a 1000 piece mailing on Dec 5 2017. The mailing still has not gone out and it is now 1/18/2018

    • Seems to be the common theme with this program. Thanks for your comment. Please advise of any further action in the future. It really helps people decide whether to get involved with this opportunity or not.

  10. I joined WPA in January 2018 through a sponsor by the name of Brian Trovaso after receiving a flyer. I paid him at the highest level including the upgrade and found out that he never paid my Admin fee but rather took my money totally $17,400 and never produced any receipts showing any marketing done for me to date. He has failed to follow up with me on phone calls including two calls this week and have asked him for a refund on several occasions. I am finally filing a complain against him and his company Trovaso Int’l. Be aware of this individual as he is a scammer!

    • Thank you for your comment Georgietta. I’m very sorry you are going through this, hopefully your input will keep others from losing their hard earned money. If you’re still looking for a 100% legit opportunity that is free to join than please read this review on Wealthy Affiliate

  11. I’m already with a great organization and have three businesses under my belt with genuine leads and “done for you” follow up systems. So folks, if you want to work with $5Million dollar leads who are with you through every step – full back office – 500 free postcards – live webinars 4 x a week with experts in the business – come join a real Team!

    • Hi Georgietta,
      Please contact me with more information about what you are involved with to make money. Thanks. Gary

  12. Thanks for the information everyone.
    Let the buyer beware!
    I found WA to be a very helpful — great Community with an abundance of information. I am not being paid to promote it.

  13. How much money would be sufficient for initial investment?

  14. I’ve heard both Wealthy Affiliate and Wealth Profit Alliance are very good programs. I have been trying to choose between the both of them. Brian Trovaso is actually the sponsor of the person who referred me to the program and she has said very good things about him. She said he is helpful, insightful and very engaged in her success. She has earned at least $60,000 since January, which is excellent. Brian helped her every step of the way. I have heard very good things about Wealthy Affiliate too. It’s a tough decision. The goal is to join both.

  15. I paid for this business but never received anything so i don’t know if i’m getting no response to do anything. So i put all the money in to it. So what next.

  16. Wealth Profit Alliance is a total scam, from top to bottom. Their website has been taken down. The people involved are: Robert Carter, Brian and Gina Trovaso, and Jason Norris. They use the following addresses: Troiano International, 13046 Race Track Road, Suite 188, Tampa FL 33626. WPA, Inc, 1067 North Main Street, Suite 249, Nicholasville, KY 40356. Wealth Profit Alliance is a cash gifting program, even though they insist is isn’t. You can’t access their “products.” (Moneymaking ebooks from internet gurus like Frank Kern, etc.). You can only go to a webpage that has a picture of these “products!” I spent $5,000 in this program, and lost it all. There is no “opportunity” here. They just keep whatever money you send in. A complaint has been filed against these people with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC.)

  17. My experience with Wealth Profit Alliance has been very good. Brian and Gina Trovaso are my sponsors, and have been very involved with my success with the program. I’m gonna join Wealthy Affiliate too. Just waiting for Brian and Gina to join as well. Wealth Profit Alliance is not a cash gifting program. The software products are very helpful, and if you are having trouble downloading them, there could be a problem with your browser. Try Chrome or FireFox. In addition to the help Brian gave me, he even paid for my second mailing because the first one did not do that well.

  18. I joined Wealth Profit Alliance under Brian and Gina and spent $12,000.00 and was told I would be advanced to the top level with thousands of mailers going out on my behalf. I have lost every penny and Brian stopped returning my calls and emails and even tried to get me into another program of all things on my last conversation with him. Robert Carter is also affiliated (or at least was) with Automation Riches. Stay away from these guys……..they are there to just take your money and run………….

    • Thank you for adding Brad. I’m very sorry you lost your hard earned money and that is the reason I started this website to help people avoid losing cash on bogus programs. Hopefully your comment will let other people know to avoid this program at all costs.

  19. I came across a flier from Brian &Gina but it was called http://www.WPAWealth.com. See the resemplance. It was a different one and was closed down and that is why the company pampered them and made them rich. Date 2/23/2020. Thanks for showing me who these are, Dont tell you what they sell BAD!!

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