15 Minute Manifestation – The Magic of Theta Waves

For decades, authors have been selling self-help and motivational books and audio programs designed to change attitudes and rewire the thinking process so that people embrace the positive. Turning around a negative state of mind is the key to being able to enjoy what life offers which is why some of the positive attitude publications have enjoyed a strong level of success.

15 Minute Manifestation is one of the latest in the trend, using audio motivation, theta waves, and suggestion that promises to rewire the brain so that you can turn your life around. However, does 15 Minute Manifestation really live up to the hype that it has created?

What is 15 Minute Manifestation?

Created by Eddie Sergey, he takes his background in mind coaching and applies the Law of Attraction which is the basis for his program. This is really an audio tool that provides theta waves that reach into your subconscious mind. You simply put on the headphones for 15 minutes each day and the theta waves will help rewire your brain into a more positive thinking machine. Old beliefs that limit your abilities and sense of self-worth are reduced while ambition and the desire to fulfill your dreams are increased.

The program is based on the proven foundation that what you hear will have a strong influence on your life and even reshape your mind into becoming the person that you want to be. The program itself promises to be just as effective as traditional methods of reshaping the mind that are found through meditation or yoga classes, but at a fraction of the cost.

How It Works

The audio consists of specially calibrated Theta frequencies that connect to your subconscious and are designed to untap your potential. You pop the audio into your player, put on the headphones, and listen for 15 minutes each day for 21 days. At the end of the three-week period, you should feel the changes to your thought processes and start seeing the results that it has on your life.

Why the specific number of 21 days is needed is arguably not well explained, but the idea is that it takes that long for the body and mind to create the new habits necessary to replace the old negative thinking. In that sense, it does make sense that the repetition for three weeks is necessary to break habits that you may have had for many years.

15 Minute Manifestation Program

The Three Tracks

There are three different audio tracks that are part of the overall program. You listen to each track for 7 days, so by the end of three weeks you will have completed the process.

Your Natural State: This is track one that you listen to for the first week. The Theta waves that will be entering through the headphones are designed to break the belief that working harder results in success. It’s that you need to attract success in your life that makes all the difference, so removing the working harder habit results in positive changes.

Your New Story: For the second week, this track will lay down a new path for your life to take. Now that you have abandoned the old ways which were holding you back, this track will help you embrace the success that is coming your way. Basically, it puts you on course to start realizing your dreams and making the most out of your ambitions.

Moving Towards Abundance: The track for the final week is designed to get rid of the negativity in your life and let you fully realize the new story that you are embracing. It may be considered the final touch of the program, but it is quite important as it seals in the new direction that your life is taking.

There is also a free bonus included called Deep Sleep Now. A 15-minute program that features Delta brainwave frequencies which help lower stress, remove anxiety, and provide a deeper, more restful sleep for your body.


There are several benefits that this program does provide which has made it quite attractive for the audience that has enjoyed what it provides.

Positive Change: There is little doubt that the program provides a positive boost to your thinking process. Even if it’s not fully trans formative, the program does provide a better outlook and pathway towards changing your life for the better.

Simple: All you do is put on the headphones, start the track, and listen for 15 minutes. After three weeks, you are through with the program. However, you can go back to it if needed and keep listening to the Deep Sleep Now.

There are really no disadvantages to 15 Minute Manifestation as even the price is quite reasonable. So, if it doesn’t work for you, there is very little of your time or money that has been wasted.


There is no doubt that 15 Minute Manifestation has helped many people rewire their thinking process and help them reach their potential. While it has not been demonstrated that this program works for all people and some of the results may be more along the lines of the belief that it really works instead of the reality, it must be stated the 15 Minute Manifestation will deliver on its promise for most people.

The promise of untapping your potential and providing a path towards unlimited abundance has brought a lot of people to try 15 Minute Manifestation and the program itself has certainly delivered for most of them. Eddie Sergey has managed to create a simple, easy-to-use audio product that can reach into the subconscious and help the mind change so that you can reach your potential.

If you feel stuck in a rut, unable to go forward, or mired in negative thinking about your future, 15 Minute Manifestation provides you with a way to change your life for the better. It’s simple, inexpensive, and quite effective when you combine it with a belief in yourself and having dreams that you want to fulfill.

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  1. I listened to similar tracks and I felt some type of way afterwards. I can only imagine what this could do. Although I don’t think I listened to something like this that could rewire your brain. I want to give this 15 Minute Manifestation a try but then again I don’t know. What kind of results have you gotten from this?

    • Hi Kendrick,

      It has totally changed my way of thinking.  Now I focus on the positives while eliminating the negatives. 



  2. Hello Stratcon11,

    Great article on the magic of theta waves! This sounds like subliminal messages in the form of audio.

    I totally agree that this would help people who are trying to run a business online. When you are new to online business, it can be very overwhelming with the amount of work and minimal pay at first.

    with this product, you should be able to focus more on your goals and stop the negativity.


  3. Who ever wondered these tools have big potential in changing our lives for the better.

    Before this, a multi-millionaire who shared with me what he did before he became of what he is right now, and that’s listening to the same audio subliminal for a minimum of 3 years. And this is a true story.

    Just feel like sharing a real life example of what we could become when listening to audio such as the one you’ve introduced to us.

    Thank you Bryan for this great post.

    • Thank you for sharing, I love to hear about success stories based on changing the way one thinks.

  4. I found your article very informative and interesting. I did watch the video through, trying to figure out exactly what the program would do. I actually think you did a better job describing than the video itself, since yours was more summerized. I get where the topic is coming from. If I believe I am going to fail, I will fail. I always try to have positive thoughts that I am going succeed, because if I know I’m going to fail, why bother.
    Do you believe that by just being confident in our success that we can succeed, you do you feel we truly need to have our brain rewired to have different thoughts. It is probably different for all depending on our much you believe in yourself.
    Thanks for the great insite. I will be thinking about this for awhile on which is the best way to succeed. Great information.

    • Thanks for our comment.  I do believe that you can succeed with the proper mindset and this 15 Minute Manifestation gives you the proper mindset.

  5. This is a very interesting topic. I can see where you would eventually start thinking in a positive way if you were diligent in listening 15 minutes every day. Personally, I am trying the ‘manifestation’ method; after I stretch every morning, I spend a few minutes being thankful and projecting the good things that are going to happen. No miracles but I find myself thinking much more positive thoughts everyday instead of negative ones, and I seem to sleep better at night.

    This might be something I would consider.

    Thanks for a great and informative article!

    • Thank you for your comment Mary Ann.  For me personally 15 Minute Manifestation has been a god send.  I was a very negative thinker and expected the worst, however after listening religiously to this for 15 minutes a day I have changed the way I view things and have become much more positive.  Whatever method you choose the whole idea is to start thinking positively and good things will happen.  All the best!

  6. Thanks for this review. It sounds interesting but I have to admit I’m not sure I understand it. I totally agree with the notion that we need to “re-program” our minds. We have a program running in the background that we are totally unaware of and if we’re not achieving success or what we want, it’s because the program (our subconscious) is sabotaging us. I’m just trying to understand the audio here – is it just a certain frequency that we listen to or does it come with some sort of verbal suggestions to rewire the brain? Thanks!

    • Thank you for your comment Gaz.  The audio consists of specially calibrated Theta frequencies that connect to your subconscious and are designed to untap your potential. You pop the audio into your player, put on the headphones, and listen for 15 minutes each day for 21 days. At the end of the three-week period, you should feel the changes to your thought processes and start seeing the results that it has on your life.  It simply changes the way you think and thus draws in positive changes in your life.

  7. Really interesting post on 15 minute manifestation and the fact that it does work for certain people.

    I often think with this kind of stimulation (theta waves in this case) that you need to be susceptible to the therapy. For example, I do believe that hypnotism works but not everyone can be hypnotized – which is why a hypnotist will spend time selecting his subjects before hand.

    With all of that said, the power of the human mind is incredible and I’m convinced we can even ward off ill health and disease just by being in the right, positive mind state.

    So, my take is try it and find out if it works for you. You’ve nothing to lose and there’s a big upside if it works out.

    • Thanks Les,

      The power of the human mind is incredible and can be trained, I couldn’t agree more! 

  8. Hi Brian. I’ve heard of Beta waves and Alpha waves, but this is the first time I’ve heard of Theta waves. however, I do believe it’s possible to rewire the brain. We spend so much of our time cluttering our brain up with useless information that I would imagine this time of rewiring using Theta waves would simply have to help. It’s the 15 minute bit that I find interesting, for most of us this would be about just the right amount of time we would be able to concentrate on this.  Although I must admit to being I’m slightly dubious, I also realise the investment isn’t that large, so it’s worth while giving it a try, and that’s exactly what I’ll do. Thanks Jim

  9. Hi and thanks for your very interesting article. I had not heard of Theta waves before this. I am a big believer in keeping an open mind, and I think I will look at the rest of your site to find out more about this. I find it very interesting how the force of habit can shape our lives, after all can you imagine how much more positive we would all be if we could switch out of the bad habits holding us back over the years? Thank again, Kenny. 

  10. Reading all these comments, I really should try this out for myself.

    I’ve heard of the Law Of Attraction before when I heard Jim Rohn speaking about it. Instead of reading a book, this method looks much more convenient. I can listen for 15 minutes a day, so I guess there’s no harm in trying this out, right?

      • Look my life sucks to the point of just giving up on livings it like no matter how hard I try to make my life better I keep hitting a wall . I was told that I had a fear of success Was the reason why can’t make my life better so do you know where I could find a set of cd’s to help me change my subconscious mind to be the winner that I know that I am because I can truly truly feel that man fighting to get out but for some crazy reason I’m held back no matter how hard I try. It’s like get an over loaded with negativity

        • Hi James,

          I really think you would benefit tremendously from this program – 15 Minute Manifestation. It is all about changing your subconscious mind into a positive thinking and life changing machine. We all need some positive reinforcement every now and then. All the best.

  11. What an interesting concept.  How listening to theta waves can change your mindset.  Most of us are in a rut these days and are always looking for a way out.  I am no exception.

    I would like to know what is the difference between Eddie’s program and the theta wave tracks you can listen to on YouTube or any other theta wave tracks you can find online for free?

    What is the price for Eddie’s program?  I tried to watch the video but I ran out of time after 10 minutes watching.  There is also no option to skip to the end.

    • Hi Rika,

      I have no idea what Eddie’s program is all about.  I do know that 15 minute manifestation worked for me.

      All the best.

  12. Theta waves are interesting and I know these recorded subliminal messaging sets work wonders. I have seen people do everything from stop smoking to generate new found wealth because of positive empowerment. Adding in the teachings of the Laws of Attraction make this a power wealth builder that should be a must have on the list of any aspiring entrepreneur.

  13. Hi Bryan,

    Thank you for a great review about 15 Minute Manifestation.The effect of 15 Minute Manifestation will last for a long time? a week a month or a year?

    I know that some people are doing meditation for 5 minutes every day in order to get the same results, maybe a mix of those to could generate better results.What do think?


    • I think you are exactly right in that a mix of the two could be very beneficial.

  14. Great Info… Well, I’m from India and I know the importance of theta waves. These waves are also generated while chanting mantras and play significant role in our mind. Would like to hear all the three tracks for the next 21 days and feel the changes in my life. Should they be played in their order or we can shuffle them and listen?

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