Product Name: American Bill Money american-bill-money-review
Overall ranking: 70/100
Price:Option 1:
$125 a month
Option 2:
$1500 twelve month plan
Owner’s Name: Paul Korzeniowski
American Bill Money
P.O Box 4008
Portsmouth, VA 23701
Phone: (757) 966-1790
E-Mail:  abm2003@abminfo.com
Fax (757) 966-1611

Introduction to American Bill Money

American Bill Money has been in business since 2003.  The company specializes in selling advertising, and selling direct mail leads of income opportunity.

American Bill Money residual income system includes the service and tools of automated sales process, they boost of their A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

What is American Bill Money Affiliate?

You can become an American Bill Money customer affiliate, one of two ways:

  • Option 1: “Monthly Auto-Ship” Package sells for $125 a month and pays out $75 every month to the sponsor.
  • With the “Auto-Ship” option buy 150 fresh leads of opportunity seekers and buyers each month
  • Receive 150 ABM Postcards and 150 ID stickers with your name and ID # on them for your postcards.
  • Option 2: “Twelve Month Pre-Pay” which sells for $1,500 a year and pays out $900 to the Sponsor.

-Immediately receive the 1,800 “Leads” and 1,800 postcards


Added Bonus for “Pre-Paying” receive an extra 3,200 postcards for free. All 5,000 of your post-cards will be custom printed with your identification number and name Also can even put your picture on your postcards to help personalize them

Pros of Using American Bill Money Program

  • A toll free recording with all the details of American Bill Money
  • Company website that explains everything about the business
  • Potential prospects are handled 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • The Home Office answers all the questions from your prospects for you, so you don’t have to.
  • Live operators based in Virginia
  • Company website takes orders from your prospects twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
  • Pay 60% commission immediately on all the people you refer to ABM, after your first referral


  •  The website is slow to load
  • Website address is not .com
  • Website has several grammar errors that indicate it was not professionally created


 Who is this program for?

 American Bill Money is for anyone who is willing to work hard to receive a very profitable payback.

 Training and tools available

 The following features are available to members based on the investment in this business:

  • Complete online and offline marketing tutorial if option 1 is purchased
  • Toll free phone number available 24 hours a day


The program offers the support:

American Bill Money
P.O Box 4008
Portsmouth, VA 23701
Phone: (757) 966-1790
E-Mail:  abm2003@abminfo.com
Fax:     (757) 966-1611


Option 1:

  • $100 for the first month and $20 per month subscription
  • Full access to all training in member’s area
  • Ability to join the Lazy River Club
  • 90% commissions on first sale
  • 90% commissions on all recurring sales

Option 2:

  • Free to join
  • No access to training in member’s area
  • 50% commission on first sale only
  • No monthly commissions

Final Verdict

American Bill Money looks to be a legitimate website where an individual who is willing to invest the time to learn the program will be able to receive a profitable income.

There are several features that are able to convince me that this program will work.  The first indication is that it states that it has been in business since 2003, and has an A+ Better Business rating.  I was also impressed with how many different forms of contact information that is available on the website.  The owner of the company was very clear with what a potential client could expect to receive from their initial investment.

The only minor inconsistencies that I found were minor grammar errors.  Also, the website was very slow to load when I first accessed it.  This could be attributed to not being compatible with all of the different web browsers that are in existence.

In all, I feel that this site is one that I would recommend.  The potential investor must go in with the mindset that they will have to put the effort into the program to be able to start generating a profit.  The only thing that I would have liked to see would be a money back guarantee.  This would have raised my confidence in this program.

How does this program compare with Wealthy Affiliate?

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  1. I would like to find out if AMERICAN BILL MONEY supplies the stamps for all these postcards. If they do not, how much would it cost an individual for stamps for their 1,000 and more postcards they are bragging about sending to the customer for a full year? That alone may make the entire investment into a losing proposition.

    • ABM does not pay for postage of these cards. The cost for postage on each post card is listed on the USPS.com website. The $125.00 fee per month only covers 1,000 postcards, you would have to purchase another 800 of them to cover the whole year….(150 leads per month x 12 months = 1800 postcards).

    • Yes. The addresses are the Leads. In the world of Mail Order, there are two types of addresses you can get. (1) Leads are addresses of prospects to which you can send your offers via postal mail, not only the ABM postcards. These leads are yours, and you can mail them (same address) multiple times. (2) The Mailing List on the other side are addresses you can use only once; the addresses are not yours, and you are renting them for a one-time use. That is one of the reasons why “leads” are more expensive than “mailing lists.” If you use an envelope, you can put up to five letter-size sheets with your offers or include a few postcards for the cost of letter postage instead of postcard postage.

    • My name is Mark,Although i believe this is not a scam after paying for all the postage and the $125 fee per month i dont think you would be in the plus side of making money .$125 a month seems alittle high to me

  2. Hola Senores: mi pregunta es: Ustedes mandaran un LINK para promocionar el programa por via E-mail es importante para mi y para todos economisar el pago de estampilla. me gustaria su respuesta.. Emilior

  3. They have proof to me isn’t scam!

    Only way isn’t a scam! They pay for it!

    Then I’m right! This is a scam!

    Pay for me or go to hell!

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