Earnest Affiliate Product Review

Product Name: Earnest Affiliate Earnest Affiliate Review
Overall ranking: 90/100
Price: $197 including lifetime updates!
Owners: Johnny

Introduction to Earnest Affiliate

What is Affiliate Marketing?

You earn commissions from affiliate marketing by promoting other people’s or company’s products through a unique affiliate link.
How Earnest Affiliate Marketing Works
Essentially, all you have to do is:

1. Find a product that you want to promote.

2. Advertise the product through an affiliate link.

3. Earn a percentage of every sale that you make.

How much can you earn?

Typically, physical products pay a 5-10% commission , while digital products pay a 30-50% commission and sometimes up to 75%. So realistically you can make $200 to $8000 per month from anywhere, by using your affiliate marketing techniques you will discover through this course.


Things that this course covers:

• Getting a Niche.

• Search for products to promote.

• Website building.

• Making a sales funnel.

• Driving free traffic.

• Making sales.

• Developing and increasing your business.

Pros of the Earnest Affiliate program

• No Keyword Research Tools Needed

• No Private Blog Networks Required

• No Complicated Backlinks or SEO

• No Trackers or Anything Overly Technical Needed! Affiliate Marketing

• No Expensive Additional Costs!

• Lifetime membership

• Private Forum access

• Personal Support

The Cons

• You have to spend a lot of time before you start earning.

• The program cost is a bit high.

• You need to sign up for affiliate websites and sometimes it’s hard to get accepted.

Who is the program for?

The program is for people who want to…

• Learn how to create a profitable blog or website step by step.

• Get a niche and get accepted by the right affiliate networks.

• Build a massive following using free techniques.

Training and tools available

• Unlimited Access to Live Chat , Blogs and Questions

• Perfect Getting Started Training


The program provides you 24/7 support and you can also ask questions to other experts in the members forum, with the ability for personal questions.


You can get the 7-Part Mini Course for free by signing up on there website, or you can buy the full course for $197 including lifetime updates. To learn More CLICK HERE

Final verdict

If you are willing to put some time into building a 100% legit business, Earnest Affiliate is a perfect course for all skill levels and I would recommend buying it. The only other comprehensive training for affiliate marketing I highly recommend is Wealthy Affiliate.


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