How Universal Law Attraction Affects Your Life

It doesn’t take long to realize that people with similar thoughts, ideals, and energies are quite often brought together so they can work in tandem on realizing their dreams. This is not coincidental, but rather a part of the universal law attraction that acts as a binding force on earth and in the universe.

What is Universal Law Attraction?

Sometimes called the Law of Attraction, this is a power that brings together similar energies, ideas, thoughts, motivations, and purposes. Gravity for example is part of the law of attraction, but the focus here is on people, their ideas, and even the circumstances in which they live. For those who believe in this power, they advocate the concept of cognitive reframing techniques which essential visualize positive thoughts and eliminate negative ones so that they become more empowered.

This is more than just the power of positive thinking, it is aligning your thoughts and actions with positive emotions that is designed to attract positive experiences. By introducing negative thoughts and feelings, the chances of attracting negative results increase as well.
Admittedly, there is no scientific basis for this law of attraction, but there is no doubt that its proponents believe it does exist and they cite considerable anecdotal evidence to support their theory.

Create Miracles in Your Life

How It Works

For those who want to employ the universal law attraction, it all begins with having a goal in mind. Perhaps you want to lose weight, find a better job, or write a successful novel. To align the positive energies of the universe to your goal, you will have to do more than just wish it comes true. This law manifests itself by bringing together your thoughts and actions so that it attracts even more positive energy to help you achieve your goals.

For example, if you start up a business, the likelihood of success increases when you apply positive thoughts combined with your actions to make it come true. When both in alignment, the positive energies that surround you, your business, and in the universe come together to help make your dreams of success come true. It does more than just help you succeed, it helps bring together people who have the same idea so they can work with each other and increase the chances of success.

This does not mean that you will succeed, but it does help remove the barriers of negativity that will dampen your chances of success. In addition, removing negative thoughts, feelings, and actions reduces the possibility of things going wrong. To paraphrase an old saying, “If you believe something won’t work, you’ll find a way to not make it work” resides in the same territory as the law of attraction.


Although the concept of the law of attraction has been around in some form for many centuries, usually found in Buddhist teachings or in various religions where focusing on positive thoughts and aspirations helps produce better results. The old sayings of “God helps those who help themselves” for example, is a predecessor to the universal law of attraction theory.

The origins of the law start with the works of Phineas Quimby starting in the early 19th century. While universal law attraction was never mentioned in his writings, he is credited with creating the basic premise and expounding upon it even if it was restricted to the medical field.

The first mention of the law of attraction was documented in 1877 in a book by Helena Blavatsky, a Russian occultist. By this point, the “New Thought” movement was gaining strength and authors like Ralph Waldo Trine and Prentice Mulford were expanding the field of the law of attraction to include everyday life.

By the 20th century, two best-selling books, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and “You Can Heal Life” by Louis Hay expanded the concept of the law of attraction to the public. The New Age Movement which adapted many of the concepts from the previous New Thought era, has placed the universal law of attraction at the core of its thinking.

Perhaps the most famous example that expounds the law in action was the 2006 film, “The Secret” which in an unusual move started as a film which was turned into a best-selling book. “The Secret” gained international attention and has become perhaps the most prominent example of the attraction law.

Law Of Attraction

How to Make Universal Law Attraction Work for You

The first step is starting something important in your life where you want to succeed. This means a project or goal that is sufficiently large enough to attract others either to help, work, promote, or purchase what you are doing. The law applies to starting up a business, raising money for a cause, or in general terms something larger than yourself.

Once you have settled on an appropriate goal, the next step is to create the proper plan and then visualize your success. Many athletes describe how they spend time visualizing their success in their sport which helps them prepare for victory. The same is true when you spend a little time using your imagination to see yourself succeeding. Getting affirmations of success from friends, family, and colleagues helps, too.

When you set your plan into motion, you will need to keep visualizing success, repeating positive phrases, and setting forth to succeed in your endeavor. The power of your mind, the ability to focus your thoughts, and combining it with motivating works that keeps you on-track will bring together the forces of attraction to your benefit.

The universal law attraction is there for you to harness and use when you are trying to accomplish substantial goals such as self-improvement or starting a new endeavor. It is more than wishful thinking, it is the combination of actions, plus words, goals, and beliefs that help pull together other people and events to help makes things go in your direction. In addition, positive reinforcement provides the impetus to overcome fear and failure which are put into their proper perspectives as obstacles to your success which can be handled.

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  1. Thanks for this insight post Stratcon.

    I have heard a lot about the law of attraction but had no idea it had such a long history. I had assumed it was from the book “the secret”.

    So do you have any tips on how you practice and harness this law in your own life? I have personally struggled with it sounding a bit hocus pocus but so many successful people have talked about it so its now got my attention.

    • Replace each and every negative thought with a positive thought and before you know it negative thoughts will completely disappear.

  2. I know that the Law of Attraction works. It is in line with positive affirmations. I have always relied on being positive in everything I plan or do.
    The key is to always have your goal in mind and work toward that goal in a straight line. Catch every negative thought or action and throw it out!
    I enjoyed your refreshing article on the Law of Attraction and want to read more.

  3. Short, simple and to the point, I like it. This is a mindset that I had adopted many years ago. One of the biggest keys to success is great mental attitude. You have to make sure to stay out of your own way. Trust me, many others out there will do it without your help.

    I really like how you tied everything into the Laws of Attraction. This was a new concept to me, very enlightening! Also I like the links you have to other helpful issues, this is a site I will continue to keep an eye on.
    Best of luck with all your success,

  4. I like this article of yours, as it is so simple and I understand it easily. There were similar topics that I read before, but instead of enlightening me, they got me more confused of what law of attraction really is. I even watched videos like The Secret and also videos done by Bob Proctor, but the thing that confused me more with them is, their mentioning of the Universe. What is that? Something like a god?

    By the way, thanks for this article. I’m gonna check that Thought Elevators that you recommend.

    • Thank you for your comment Gomer.  The Law of attraction is real and you can use it to your advantage.

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