Product Name: Job Killers Net Daily Job Killers Net Daily
Overall ranking: 10/100
Price: Hundreds of dollars to invest no specific amount communicated
Owner’s Name: A Cold-Hearted Production
E-mail Address: Not listed

Introduction to Job Killers Net Daily

Job Killers Net Daily revolves around renting out local internet space to local businesses.  Its program is for anyone who is motivated enough to have the drive and determination to want to make more money.

Pros of Using Job killers Net Daily Program

  • Work with local businesses
  • Can operate in any environment with a computer and internet
  • Online training is provided
  • Ability to attend a conference to network with other salespeople


  •  Before a person is allowed to enter the site there is an online application that requests personal information (address, phone number, etc.) of the potential client
  • The website features a multitude of videos on the introduction phase it gives you a brief overview of what you will be doing this is not professional designed.
  • A person has to do in-depth searching just to try and locate the price of the product
  • There is no phone number listed for contact, this could deter people who are not internet savvy
  • There is no business owner’s name
  • The business name of the company is A Cold-Hearted Production

Who is this program for?

Job killers Net Daily is for anyone who wants to work with their local businesses to rent them internet space to advertise.

Training and tools available

There is an extensive training program but a person has to be a registered member before allowed to access the site.


There is a support section but again you must be a paid member before you access this section.


Hundreds of dollars to invest upfront no specific amount communicated.

Final Verdict

Job Killers Net Daily would be beneficial to a person who has a desire to work with their local businesses.  It offers the buyer the ability to work in any environment that has internet access.

On the main website the user is greeted with a video presentation that gives an overview of what the product they will be investing in.  From that page you click a get started button that takes you to an online application that asks personal information about your address, phone number, how much you current make in your occupation.

Once you finish the application you are then allowed to go to the main website where you find a large collection of videos of current employees who are relating their success stories by using this company.

The website looks to be very beneficial at first but there is a definite red flag that warns the potential client that a person has to have a paid membership before the ability to access the website many helpful features are granted.

I found that the videos became overwhelming. I had to leave and go back a second day just to try and keep a clear head on what the company was trying to sell and who would benefit from this product.

Also, I felt that the actual product was not explained properly.  From the introduction phase it states that you have to have the money to invest before you are allowed to go any further.  In my opinion, the videos were a smoke screen to try and lure the client to try and invest quickly.  This marketing approach is dangerous to the consumer.

Also the copyright information belongs to A Cold-Hearted Production.  The name itself gives me grave concern.  I tried to do a google search and Better Business search on the name and I came up with nothing that was registered.

Overall, I find that Job Killers Net Daily is a program that’s product is centered on trying to con a person’s money out of them the quickest way possible.  By the website being so tightly locked down I found this indicated that the people behind the site had something they were trying to hide.  Also, there is no official owner’s name – there is a section that is entitled Dan’s tips but I couldn’t pinpoint who Dan was and what role he served.

Based on all of these facts this website presents I feel as though Job Killers Net Daily is a company that is not providing a reputable service.  I would highly recommend avoiding this site and not invest any money into their company.

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