Product Name:     Our Wealth Secret
Overall Ranking:  60/100
Price: Basic      $2,000
Builder          $3,500
Advanced      $6,500
Pro               $12,500
VIP               $22,000

Owner’s Name: Jim C., Sponsor
(470) 274-0041
Website: http://www.ourwealthsecret.com

Introduction to Our Wealth Secret

Our Wealth Secret was created for people that want freedom.  It is a program that the majority of functions are fully automated.  It involves a mail order system where the investor buys into a set number of cards who are mailed to a target audience who is known to be proven buyers.

The investment promises high income in a short period of time.  There is no specialized training involved, and a person can be up and running within days.

Pros of Using Our Wealth Secret

  • No money to get you started
  • Fast action bonuses
  • Simple and proven market methods
  • Pay 100% commission
  • Product is digitally delivered
  • Potential to make five to six figure incomes
  • Up and running within twenty-four hours
  • No physical products to ship or return


  •  Initial high startup cost
  • There is no clear explanation of what product you will be required to sale
  • No dedicated email or phone number
  • Sponsors do not provide their full name
  • Website consists of a video, which makes it difficult to analyze all the pros and cons of the program

 Who is this program for?

Our Wealth Secret is for anyone who interested in generating a high income with very little effort on their part.

Training and tools available

  • Twenty-four-hour support team
  • Free leadership training
  • Phone number of Coach
  • Facebook page to ask questions of experts


The program offers a Facebook support page.  It also provides a phone number to make contact with an experienced Coach.


There are several investment prices available:

Basic               $2,000
Builder           $3,500
Advanced      $6,500
Pro                 $12,500
VIP                $22,000

Final Verdict

Our Wealth Secret features a high worker satisfaction.  It features several noteworthy testimonials that enable the viewer to listen to their workers success stories.  Each one of these personal endorsements strengthens the program’s success rating.

The website is tastefully created, it provides a high gloss feel of a company that has the resources to produce an effective product. As I watched the webinar, I caught myself becoming more entranced by this company.  The video stresses how much money could be made with a small initial investment.

I found this business to be very convincing.  Of all the companies I have evaluated, I took a second look at what this company was offering.  Often, this is not an option for I am put off within the first few minutes to try to win my business.

Unfortunately, there was several glaring red flags that came out when I gave this company a second chance. This included, no clear ownership of the site or the program.  It also did not give a clear view of what the person was to be selling and how the program worked.

The red flags that were shown made me become very weary of this business.  I feel that in-depth research should be done before anyone invests any cash into this program.  With all the happy success stories this program features, it should be relatively simple to check them out with the Better Business Bureau.

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One Comment

  1. To truly critique a company such as this you need to delve into actual success rates not taped videos which could be fake and made up. If a company is truly honest they would tell you what to expect, what you must do, what their product is (it ma be recruiting other people to join). Also one must wonder how they make money if they “pay 100% commissions”. As for phone numbers to coaches: a phone number is one thing, them actually answering is another and honest helpful advise still another. You also mentioned the BBB. It seems to me that would be the first place you would look and include their report in your critique.

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