Product Name:     United Freedom Team, LLC. United Freedom Team
Overall ranking: 90/100
Price: Select from ten different investment
level costs
Owner’s Name:    Mike and Amy Wasnich
E-mail Address: freedom4yourfamily7@gmail.com

Introduction to United Freedom Team, LLC.

United Freedom Team, LLC.  provides an advertising package service that enables the buyer to discover leads.  This program is targeted for anyone who has a business and wants to promote any product or service through direct mail.

It was established in November of 2013 when the owners lost both of their jobs.  It features several advertising packages that range in a variety of different levels and costs.

What is United Freedom Team, LLC.?

 Upon Enrollment members will receive the following items:

  • Free postcards to get you started
  • The postcard riches marketing manual
  • A postcard template with your customized ID number on it
  • Leads of opportunity buyer leads
  • Lead order form
  • Upgrade form to maximize the compensation plan W-9 form
  • Two weeks of mentoring
  • Unlimited phone support
  • Unlimited income

Pros of Using United Freedom Team, LLC.

    • No computer needed
    • No reoccurring monthly fees
    • Registered with the Secretary of State


  • Initial investment does not guarantee investor will make their preliminary cost back in sales

Who is this program for?

United Freedom Team, LLC is for anyone who has limited access to a computer and is seeking a traditional method such as being able to use the regular post office to mail out post cards that could enable them to generate income for their efforts.

Training and tools available

The following feature is available to members based on their initial investment:

  • Phone support of 24 hours

Note:  The only training that is mentioned is what comes in
the self-explanatory enrollment package.

United Freedom Team


The program offers the following contact information for support:

United Freedom Team LLC
P.O. Box 622
Auburn, IN 46706
Office:    260-333-0470
Fax:       260-333-0284
Email: freedom4yourfamily7@gmail.com

For complete details regarding this opportunity please call Cathy at 850-723-0375.  You can use ID# 872.


Features different investment packages that buyer can select from that range in the following costs:

  • Platinum Advertising Package $200 (200 leads)
  • Diamond Advertising Package $400 (300 leads)
  • Black Diamond Advertising Package $800 (400 leads)
  • Elite Advertising Package $1000 (500 leads)
  • Mega Elite Advertising Package $1500 (1000 leads)
  • Ambassador Advertising Package $2500 (1500 leads)
  • Senior Ambassador Advertising Package $3500 (2000 leads)
  • VIP Advertising Package $5000 (3000 leads)
  • Royal Advertising Package $7500 (4000 leads)
  • Triple Crown Advertising Package $10,000 (5000 leads)

Final Verdict

United Freedom Team, LLC. is a business that holds a strong religious belief that encourages the potential buyer to trust in their owners and product.  The colors they have selected for their website tend to put the visitor to ease.

With the basic Platinum ad package a person would make an initial investment of $200.00 and they would make $150.00 on a return investment for one client.  This would make the break even point at basically one client sign up and pure profit after that.  If a client was to go for the elite Triple Crown package that cost $10,000 they would receive $8000.00 return investment and pure profit on the very next client sign up.

Also, I emailed the owner of this opportunity and received an email response almost immediately which is a very good sign of great customer service.

I have since signed up for this program at the $1,000 level and had one sign up in the first 2 weeks after my initial mailing.  I’m very excited about my next mailing and how many clients that will bring.  I strongly encourage anyone interested in making a legit income to enroll in this program.  You will need an ID number to enroll as this is an invitation only program.

You can use ID# 872.

For complete details regarding this opportunity please call Cathy at 850-723-0375.



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  1. How is it that the Indiana Attorney General has flagged you program as a pyramid scheme?

    • Just so we are clear, this is not my program. I have nothing to do with this program. This is simply a review of what the program is all about and the reader can make there own judgement.

  2. Please leave me out of this horrible pyramid scheme. God only knows there are already to many scams going on.

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