Affiliate Camo Review – Legit?

Product Name: Affiliate Camo Affiliate-Camo
Overall Ranking: 90/100
Price: Free
Owners: Matt Callen





When you embrace online marketing as your career your biggest concern is to safeguard your referrals. It is easy for pirates to change the referral link in websites where you are targeting customer traffic and the result of this is that income that you should have earned goes to someone else. Affiliate Camo is software that every online marketer is bound to find useful. Using this tool, every link created and posted can be tracked. This keeps tab of how much money is being made and where it is being generated from.


  • All the income that is entitled to you gets to your pocket
  • Tracking low performance link for keyword change
  • Keep track of all links regardless of the many websites where they have been posted
  • Match the appearance of foreign URLs to your website content
  • Make sites to appear natural by setting a limit on the number of keywords to use
  • You need to upgrade by paying $77 per year to get more features of the software


This tool is a powerful resource for internet marketers who would like to have control over the amount of money that they make. The developer is an internet marketer himself so he has created a tool that not only helps him but others doing what he does. If you depend on internet marketing for survival, then you know how important it is to safeguard your income. It is a good program for internet marketers who already have experience of working online.


A video is available for interested internet marketers to watch even before they can commit themselves to using the software. In the video, there is an outline of the benefits of the software and then a brief tutorial of how to make it work for you.


The product offers online support through a contact form provided on their website. Users are supposed to build a ticket and write what kind of help they would like to receive. There is no way of contacting the owner directly and no way of getting instant responses.


The software is free of charge for the basic version but if a user wishes to upgrade to a more detailed version they must pay $7 for the first 7 days and then $77 for a whole year subscription.


Experienced internet marketers have nothing but praise for the products created by Matt Callen. Just like the several other tools he has made available for internet marketers, this one has been proven to work as intended. Affiliate Camo is highly recommended for tracking affiliate links on websites.

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