Wealth Automation System – Scam?

Product Name: Wealth Automation SystemWealth Automation System
Overall Ranking: 34/100
Price: 6 Levels of Enrollment Ranging From $800-12,000
Owners: Tim Chesonis and Mike Cocan


This is an automatic wealth generation system that has exaggerated earning potential of a minimum $500 per day from every sale made on your behalf. This program is based on the regular multilevel market mode of earning with the option of a member setting their own income level.


  • Commissions that members earn are based on the enrollment level that they signed up for. Commissions earned are sent via FedEx everyday so there is no accumulation of profits.
  • As soon as one of the people you enrolled earns, a part of the commission equivalent to your level comes to you.
  • The earnings of a referral have a direct influence on the level of earning of the referee.
  • The initial investment is too high considering that people looking for money making opportunities are probably not employed.


There is no input required from members apart from their enrollment fee so anyone who has the money to sign up can join. The program makes money for its members passively so members are not even aware how and when products are sold. If you are unemployed, retired, or wanting to work for one reason or another, this program allows you to still make an income that is consistently large. This program has no expertise level and is suitable for advanced and entry level membership.


Since the heavy task of selling is handled by professional marketers, members of this program do not need any knowledge on marketing. The system however shows members the level of income to expect based on the enrollment level they are in. It is a bit complex for newbies to understand and the large figures are normally what attract new members.


Apart from accessing help through a customer care email address, members can also call a toll free number for assistance. There is however no way to contact the program owners directly.


There are 6 levels of enrollment into the system and the initial investment a member is willing to make determines what levels of commissions they will be receiving.  Members are required to pay $800 for Level 1, $1,400 for Level 2, $2,600 for Level 3, $3,800 for Level 4, $6,000 for Level 5, and $12,000 for Level 6.


For an affiliate program that entices its members to invest such huge sums of money with a promise of getting rich quickly, there is a lot that is left to the imagination. I am left to wonder why the owners would want people who do nothing to be part of the team that reaps huge profits from their hard work. I do not recommend this site to anyone because it appears to be a scam.

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  1. They have proof to me this isn’t a scam.

    They have pay for me to proof this not a scam!

    Then I’m right! This is a scam!

    • I thought so also; that is why I did not enroll with them when I got their flyer-We all know why we need or want money-no one needs to tell us why we like nice restaurants, vacations etc. -Why didn’t they do more to help us get started and know what we are getting into. Also, they offer the different levels of enrollment. Nowhere did I see anything about starting in at one level and then upgrading later. This indicates to me they want every penny NOW and plan on probably absconding later. Stay away is my decision. Thank you for your excellent opinion. You are to be trusted and God bless you. Dee

  2. I wish Internet and Postal solicitations had to pass FTC inspections before being allowed to put this junk out and hurt poor people who are just trying to make a living. If these scammers had any love and compassion for their fellowman, they would be honest. The Bible says what we do to the least of these brethern, we do also to Jesus and God. There will be a reckoning so I hope these scammers read this.

  3. I have learned to research these internet/work from home jobs.
    It helps a person to research so they aren’t being ripped off.
    I received a flyer in the mail today from this company and after reading this info, I’m glad to file the flyer into the trash can.

  4. Why is it that the Federal Trade commission let them scam people for YEARS and they don’t stopped right the way?

    We make great efforts just to gather $800 to give to them in the hopes that that will help our financial situation,
    just to be deceive and rob.

  5. Check the address it is mailed from , any respectable business will give you a valid business address , the one I receive today is in multiples thousand number problem is that particular address stop at 825 ,
    Check the zip code the one they send with that address is incorrect
    Check the property , it’s value and owner , if they make millions would they leave in an area where the house have a retail value of $200K .
    Envelop has no sender’s name has no sender’s name , if you contact me to make millions you put your name on the envelop
    Check phone or email address , there is no one matching the Gender age group of the sender in the entire state …
    These are all signs of a scam in progress , when they have your email they can steal your id by reverse look up .
    This alone is proof of a scam in progress .

  6. Is the AUTOMATION RICHES PROGRAM the same one as the WEALTH AUTOMATION SYSTEM or are they two different companies? I need to know because the brochure I received in the mail only says AUTOMATION RICHES PROGRAM and nothing about a WEALTH AUTOMATION SYSTEM. Do you think AUTOMATION RICHES PROGRAM is legitimate or a scam? That is also what I am asking. They have SUSAN BROOKS on the cover as a Level 8 member talking about all the money she has made from the program.

    • They are 2 different programs. I haven’t done a review on AUTOMATION RICHES PROGRAM yet, but I did look it up real quick and I would advise to be careful as it appears a little shady. Want a 100% legit opportunity than read this review – Wealthy Affiliate

    • Hi Billy,
      I just got the exact same brochure from SUSAN BROOKS LEVEL 8 Did you ever find out if it is the same company. I’m pretty sure it is a scam as well. I saw a YouTube video of the WAS by a girl who talked all about how she never got any money and could never get a hold of the person listed on her flyer. Seems like a scam to me …. think I will trash it too
      Glad I looked for more info on this Get Rich Quick while I keep ALL Your Money Scam !!!

  7. I subscribed to Automationriches 9-26-l7 at level 8. My first mailing order was for 5000 mailings for $ll.559.
    Results; 4185 delivered and 23 enrollments for which I received $l8.500.
    Second order for 7000 maillings $l6008 Zero deliveries and was a total loss.
    Third order for 5000 mailings $ll.559 Zero deliveries and was another total loss
    These orders were sent to ER Boyles usmailinghouse 2555 Jason Court Oceanside Calif.
    All my emails and phone call went unanswered when I tried to inquire about 7000 &5000 mailings.
    Automationriches is not affillated withPP ERboyles printer. They recomend him. Automationriches may
    be all they say but if you use the above printer be careful. YOU WILL GET NO HELP FORM AUTOMATIONRICHES

    • James – When did you place your second 7000 and the later 5000 mailings order placed / or what was your ship date for those orders. I may be facing a similar problem as I have signed up with Automation Riches on 10-30-17 and made my first mailing on 11-05-17 and so far have received no information on the deliveries or anything else. As of 10-12-17 have been unable to get any response out of Automation Riches even though I requested a 5 Level Upgrade to the Level 6 $10,000 Upgrade!

      • automation riches is a scam. They are getting a return but they are not sending us the money. They are keeping it. I am filing a criminal complaint next week with the postal inspectors, FBI and FTC. If anyone wants to join, please feel free to contact me here.

        • when did you join automation riches? have you made any profit thus far? I was considering joining the program.

        • Paul – Keep us updated on the results of your USPS, FBI and FTC investigative efforts. Thanks

        • Please include me,I could be already too late in joining you on this criminal complaint.Well anyway,if Im too late ,please give me the story on what happen?I just joined the automationriches program on the 18th of Nov. last year,as a level 4.I followed instructions that was instructed by them,mailed off 4000 letters ,I only received $500 which was on the 2nd of Jan.2018.Im really worried about now.Please email me back.

        • Paul,

          Wealth Automated System scammed me and I would love to file a complaint against them.

          Sherry Cheek

          • Thank you for your comment. I hope it will help anyone interested in this opportunity in making a decision.

      • I’ve recently receive an envelope from Automation Riches by mail and have been researching to see if it’s a scam. I have even check Ripoffreport and complaintsboard and no success. The YouTube videos seem to be fake, including the Facebook page. I’m so glad read the comments on this website.

    • Hi James,
      Are you still dealing with Automation Riches ?? Noo way would I be able to go in at level 8 !!!
      They say 75 letters cost $100 in my brochure. But seems like you invested a lot more $$$ for a lot more mailings. Was it just the printer that screwed you ???? or is AR out of the picture once they get your $$$. I watched a YouTube video of how they ripped a girl off and she could never get in touch with the couple from her brochure. No response in email or answer the phone. She couldn’t even get her initial $1,000 investment back. Said it cost her thousands to keep continuing with the program and she lost it ALL. Thanks for the update !! Best of Luck

  8. What do you mean by Zero Deliveries? I don’t understand how it is even possible to send out 7000 + 5000 mailings and not get a single return unless they were never printed up or delivered to USPS by US MailHouse. Then AutomationRiches may have not forwarded the required mailing addresses to US MailHouse. There is nothing to stop AutomationRiches from rerouting your incoming returns to a more profitable destination and they are fully capable of doing this. US MailHouse appears to be a legitimate operation – Check out their website while AutomationRiches Inc. appears to only be a somewhat upgraded version of the Wealth Automation Program scam. Although AR is presently operating out of Las Vegas they are not Incorporated in the state of Nevada. David Larson is the President of the AR Program but he is not listed as an Officer for any company operating in the state of Nevada. AR does not even have a licence to operate a business in Las Vegas or Nevada at this time. Amazing!

    • Also Automation Riches Inc. corporate address 1027 S. Rainbow Blvd., #263, Las Vegas, NV 89145
      is none other than a UPS Mailbox! Brian H should have a look at this site and shed some light on what is going on here with this program.

      • I just got an large envelope mailing from them today. The information inside was printed on high quality laser paper, which for a second made me think there might be something to this. Then I ran the return address on the envelope in Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and the USPS Zip Code Locater. They came back as an invalid location. The address on the envelope was 3358 Oak Meadow Drive, Franklin, TN 37064.

        • I checked with the county property tax assessor. There is no such address.

          I asked Susan Brooks about this.

          She said she deliberately put a fake return address on the envelope so her mailbox would not be stuffed with mailers that were undeliverable.

        • Bob H. Same here! Had a pic&story of what I believe to be a fictitious character named Susan Brooks. Glad I searched this & trashed it. THANKS!

  9. To all of you,
    All of these Automation Wealth Systems are a scam. The same system operates under many different web addresses and company names. The one I got taken by is Wealth Profit Aloiance. Same type of letter mailings, in fact exactly the same, but different picture and person with a different email and phone number. I came in at level 5 and sent out 5000 mailings and then another 5000 mailings. I have received nothing. Only a whole bunch of excuses. And if this was legit, they promise to send out mailings for you until you get your money back. Nothing! All of it, the stories, the videos is bogus and created to earn that person who creates the site money. Also, I wonder if they get a kick back from the mailing houses they recommend! I wish the FBI and the FTC would go after theses people!

    • Thank you very much for sharing. Hopefully your comment will prevent other people from losing their hard earned money.

  10. I just received this packet in the mail. What I have read on here thus far has been helpful.

  11. I want to Thank you All on here who responded with their comments. These help save so many people from being scammed! I myself received the package in the mail and had to check it out. Of course, it sounded amazing and to good to be true. But had to look anyway. Because I had been scammed on A prior internet adventure for about $8,000.00, I have become very good at checking these things out. I won’t let it happen again!! So Thankful for these comments.
    Just like the majority here I’m sure, people in search of A great way to work from home possibly and get true financial freedom. My mind is always open to different ways of making money, but I’m very strict on it being legal, ethical and lucrative. Even though they are far and few between, keep searching!
    I did find one I’ve been doing now just about 2 years. This is honestly the first time I could QUIT my 60 hr a week job, and do this program just 15 to 20 hrs a week from home. I am truly Blessed, don’t give up! I’ve never been able to do this before. I work with the nicest people who have always answered my calls and questions, and show me all the time how important MY success is to them. It’s a very simple process but I will say it’s not for everyone. However January 2nd, started our 18th year and that is just unheard of, that alone shows the greatness of this program. It’s that good with our proven system.
    Hey if you are SERIOUS about being financially free, you might want to check this out. It’s worth a look. Call this #917-259-6799, listen to the short recorded message till the end. It will give you a website to look at , at your leisure. Explains the whole system, be sure to watch till the end. Will take about an hour but so worth it. Best decision I’ve ever made. I love helping real people.

    • Thank you for your comment. I will definitely be calling the recorded message. Very nice of you to tell your story and prevent other people from being scammed.
      Thanks again

      • Hi Bryan, You are welcome and thank you for your awesome comments. I really enjoy working with good people and helping as many as possible. I have been Blessed with the program I found. Hope your having A great day.

  12. Hi Bryan, You are welcome. Thank you for your awesome comments. It pays for people to do their homework on these, like I said learned A hard lesson. Grateful for my true Blessing I have found for sure. Have a Blessed Day.

    • Sorry , I didn’t see my first reply for several hours so I didn’t think it went through. Now I have 2, lol. Blessings.

  13. I knew it was a scam when it said Erica closes ALL deals. I am sorry but one person is not able to close EVERYBODYS deals in a day or ever.. The backup would be astronomical. Never could keep up with mailings calling in. Scam 2 I recognized is you are only paid for the level you purchase at. Well they are trying to close people on the biggest payout levels they can. This is like the High Ticket Internet programs out there. You only get paid on the level you join, and they of course are closing the deals. But not at the minimum level So you get bypassed. Learn about Internet Marketing. Yes there is a learning curve, but you will be better off pursuing Affiliate Marketing and learning the ropes about it. Do not fall for these Mail order,Magazine and Tv scams. That is my 10 cents worth. Good Luck

    • Thank you for your comment Will. I couldn’t agree more. If one truly wants to be successful in an online business such as affiliate marketing I highly recommend checking out this review – Wealthy Affiliate

  14. You ought to be in my shoes, I invested in USI Tech, and they shut it down, had a $5,000 balance, now it is 0. In order to keep from being arrested they started another program 2.0 that pays back our 1.0 packages, I am gotton back $4.27 cents in two months. A definite scam. People in USA and Canada lost millions of dollars. We may never see our money again. THAT IS USI Tech. They trade in cryptocurriencies. They broke their contract with us, thousands of people over a few who stole from them, it that is the actual truth, they lie about everything.

    • Thanks for your comment James. Very sorry to hear about you getting scammed, hopefully your comment will prevent other people from losing their hard earned money. If you are still looking for a 100% legit opportunity I highly recommend you check out this review on Wealthy Affiliate. They offer a free starter membership just to see if it is for you. Good luck in all your future endeavors.

  15. I loss $ 2,000.00 Automation Riches Program. I enrolled on Nov , 2017 at level 1 $500.00 plus $300.00 AL together
    And $1,200.00 to mailed out 500 sales letters . They used your sales letters to scam more people’s by used I’D #
    That they gave to you after enrolled . It made me so mad , are they amy way , anyhow to stop them. They still scam
    peoples . I just send the email that belong to my friend with my ID # ask for enroll instruction acted like somebody else response from my sales letters.
    Call 972-793-3569 If you want to know more.

    • Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry this happened to you and hopefully readers will take heed. If you are still looking for a way to generate an income than please read my review on Wealthy Affiliate.

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