Product Name: Boost My Online Business
Overall ranking: 60/100
Price: $39.95 a Month; WAIVE $100 setup fee
Owner’s Name: Morgan Hale
E-mail Address: Not provided
Business Address:  Not provided
Website: http://www.boostmyonlinebiz.com

Introduction to Boost My Online Biz

Boost My Online Biz uses a “grocery co-op” modeling system and altering it to work with online advertising.  It is a way for anyone to profit from multiple advertising campaigns, without investing a fortune in an agency or consultant.

Once you join “Boost My Online Biz”, you’re getting direct access to 80 permission-based email optins a day (that’s 2,400/month) from Facebook, Google AdWords, Yahoo/Bing ads, YouTube, Solo Ads, Banner/Display Ads, Safelists ads and Traffic Exchanges! (10 from each ad source daily).

In order to make contacting these “hungry buyers” as effective, simple, and easy as possible: the company screens out the tire-kickers from the opens and clickers for you… and provides a way to send any email at no additional cost-using thier built-in email dashboard (or, you can download your contacts whenever you want and sell to them however you wish)!

As a bonus, receive 5 email swipe files and a bonus graphics pack. This will enable the investor to begin once you choose what offer to send your permission-based email optins.  Also, they can use the information to be able to use the retrieval information for their own business marketing plan.

What is Boost My Online Biz Affiliate?

There is no mention of an affiliate program with this business model.

Pros of Using Boost my Online Biz

  • Offers a “diversified advertising portfolio” that runs 8 ad campaigns simultaneously. This sends you several permission-based email optins every day!
  • Provides direct-access to “ad agency level results” by investing in a “bulk spending co-op” (low cost) model!
  • Personally, screen permission-based email optins, weeding out tire-kickers for you!
  • Builds a list of “hot buyers”, which allows you to contact your permission-based optins directly at no additional costs
  • Any new online business owner can join and benefit on the first day
  • Bonus include- five professional email swipe files
  • Bonus include- Graphics pack – make your emails stand out



  •  Website has a copyright of 2016, if this was a legitimate business it would be showing 2018.
  • Website not professionally edited
  • No phone number or business address to contact
  • HUGE red stop sign warning people this offer to join could go away for several days to several weeks!

 Who is this program for?

Boost My Online Biz is for anyone who wants to gamble with their money into a business that clearly does not define what is involved to achieve the cash rewards.

Training and tools available

Through the Boost My Online Biz – Help Center this feature allows clients to submit a help ticket to ask questions.


The program offers a Boost My Online Biz – Help Center


  •  $39.95 a Month; WAIVE $100 setup fee

Final Verdict

It is evident that the creator of Boost My Online Biz is a master of online marketing and mind manipulation.  Through her paradise theme website, she tries to convince the potential seller they to could be living the life of luxury.  Also, she tries to lure the potential client in viewing all the happy testimonials of how easy money can be made with this program.

There is strong emphasis on the creators own personal life story how the business started and adds testimonials of clients telling of how much money they have made by investing in the program.

In addition, at the end of the page there is a stop sign that indicates if a person doesn’t sign up now they ability to join could go away.  If the program was this highly popular and successful, why would they make this threatening statement to join now or be left behind?

Also, the biggest deal breaker was throughout this whole website there is no clear indication of what the potential investor will be doing.  It does not indicate what level of skill or time commitment is required to start receiving the cash.

I would recommend that the owner send this website to a professional web editor, for there is several glaring typographical errors on this page.  When I found each one the rating of the overall program slowly went downhill.

I firmly believe that this program has many unanswered questions that would convince me that it is a true and legitimate business. I would HIGHLY recommend the consumer to be cautious of investing their money in a questionable program.

I highly recommend this 100% Free Affiliate Marketing Program




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  1. I would like to cancel this.i. not even sure what it is,i didnt order it.Please provide a telephone number for me to contact

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