WTM PUBLICATION REVIEW – Is it a Legit Opportunity?

Product Name: WTM Publication
Overall ranking: 60/100
Price: Total of two money orders in the following amount of $300 to Jack Cupp and $198 to WTM Publications
Owner’s Name: Eric Pantalone
E-mail Address: wtmpubs@gmail.com

Introduction to WTM Publication

WTM Publication revolves around a fresh new money making system called the Postcard Tycoon.  Its concept revolves around investing in a mail order program that is easy to operate and in return generates a profit.

This program offers you’re all the supplies that you will need to get started immediately.  After the initial investment there is nothing more to buy (stamps, printing cost, etc.).  Another added bonus is the opportunity to receive additional supplies if a person orders in the next fourteen days.

Pros of Using WTM Publication Program

  • No computer needed
  • $300 sent to you on every sale
  • 250 free Stamps – Starter package
  • 250 free double sided post cards – Starter package
  • 500 free hot prospect names
  • Free personalized website
  • Get paid per week (Monday – Friday)


  •  Two money orders – one directly to a person named Jack Cupp
  • E-mail contact is a Gmail account
  • No refund policy
  • No guarantee of program working
  • No dedicated contact number
  • No formalized training program

Who is this program for?

WTM Publication is for anyone who is seeking to invest their money in a postcard business that provides the buyers all the supplies they need to start as soon as the package is paid for and received.  It is not a requirement to have a computer in order to be part of this program.


Training and tools available

The following features are available to members based on their purchase of this program

  • 24/7 recorded boost and energize sales
  • Quick start report
  • Master Dealership Certificate
  • Professional designed personalized website
  • E-Mail support
  • Access to “Push-Button Easy” Print and Mail Service


The program offers the following contact information:

Jack Cupp – 480-258-3097

WTM Publications

100 Powdermill Rd #117

Acton, MA  01720

E-mail:  wtmpubs@gmail.com


A total of two money orders in the following amount of $300 made out to Jack Cupp and $198 made out to WTM Publications.


If the person orders in the next fourteen days they will be eligible for the “Five for Life” bonus.  This will enable you to receive 500 free postcards, 500 free names, and 500 free stamps.

Final Verdict

WTM Publication is a visually appealing website.  The owner and web designer did a very good job in presenting both a professional and eye catching website.  The colors seemed to calm me as I begin to read more in-depth what this entire program consisted of and what level of financial involvement would be required.

Halfway through the page I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were no red flags that had already caught my attention.  I was so enthused about what the owner was conveying to me I felt myself wanting to reach for my checkbook and take the required first step to become an active member.

Then as I was about to write out the check a BIG warning sign occurred in the price.  It involved having to make out two checks.  One was to be written to Jack Cupp and the other to WTM Publications.  I immediately reread the complete ad to try and find out who Jack Cupp was and what purpose he served I was very disappointed to see that there is no mention of who this person is or in what capacity he served to the program.

From this point on my senses were on high alert as I dived in to try and find more evidence to prove that my negative feelings where legit.  The next item that caught my attention was the email address which was a Gmail account.  I asked myself why if a company was this successful were they using a free Gmail account?

Another depressing factor is that the company does not offer a money back guarantee.  Nor does it give any information on current and previous clients and the success stories they were assured to have with such a “wonderful and easy” money making program.

To say that I was disappointed when I pieced together all of these hard core facts is an understatement. My hat is off to the web designer for creating such a visually appealing web site.  As I read each paragraph I felt myself being drawn more and more into the program.

Overall, I feel this program is one of the better ones in the market to lure the unsuspected client to believe they are an actual legitimate company.  The juror is still out and I would advise anyone who is giving serious thought in investing in this program to check them further through the Better Business Bureau.

If you are looking for a 100% legit business opportunity that is completely free to join please check out this review.

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  1. Jack Cupp is the affiliate of the program, just like you are an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate. You listed Jack Cupp’s phone number. If you had called him, he would have told you who he is and how he is involved in the program.

    • Exactly Kevin,
      I was thinking the same thing.

      Eric Pantaloons is the owner of WTM PUBS in Massachusetts.

      Yes. Jack Cupp is another Affiliate.

      I’ve talked to him a few times over the years by phone. He’s nice. At least he was super polite to me and had a lot of patience answering all of my Questions about his simple mail order postcard/flyer home businesses.

      Jack Cupp is NOT a jerk. He had no problem at all with any of my nosey personal questions. He was totally transparent with me, so was Eric on the phone. Just talked to him about 12 hours ago.

      Aparently the person calling Jack Cupp names (in the comments) had not done very good at their perseverance and skills with marketing and determination in the program probably tried only for a short period of time.

      Plus another crummy thing is that people make and post public reviews using the word “scam” only to post their own affiliate link or their own biz op in that post after slamming and putting down some other business or home business opportunity.

      I have done a lot of my own research over the years checking out a lot of Eric’s programs and I have interviewed (several) of the affiliate marketers in WTM PUBS and i found them all to be really nice people. It’s not a scam and they are not bad people. They are product driven and Eric monitors very well so that nobody can cheat the program without being a real paid member.

      Every program of Eric Pantaloone (WTM PUBS) is Super HIGH QUALITY and ALL very professional. WTM PUBS has inspired the tar out of me. I’m hoping I can learn how to duplicate his success and build systems and programs like him someday. He has almost twenty different business opportunities running strongly and he’s been operating home business and mail order for about 20 years.

      He does all of the intricate details of paperwork and office work, heavy lifting, designing flyer, postcards, compensation plan creating, tax documents, paperwork, paying everyone, etc. and organizing for the advertisers (the affiliates) the marketers.

  2. Cupp is a complete piece of shit, utterly irresponsible and untrustworthy. If he’s pushing a program, it’s almost certainly ILLEGAL!

  3. Typo…
    Eric Pantalone is the correct spelling. Owner of WTM PUBS
    WTB= Way To Money Publications… or Way To Millions Publications. He’s a great guy. Call him if you don’t believe me. He is nice and very wise. And it’s not a big deal about a company using Gmail for communication. I have about 15 gmail accounts that i use for different youtube chat and for different business opportunities.

    • I highly appreciate your comments on Mr. Patalone. I too have researched many mail order and online programs and found WTM to be a good one.

  4. Well I’m going to start I hope this isn’t a scam doesn’t look like I have to give too much but I don’t see his website it don’t work maybe it only goes through mail and not use the internet because it says right here it says internet access today is free form or website below no internet access return this card with 5 cash to help with the shipping and handling cost so I’m going to do it I hope so I’m trying to buy a house

  5. In my research I found this not to be a postcard
    business but a people business. You only make money when you find someone to join under you. That’s why you find so many people having
    a You Tube channel. In theory one wouldn’t have to purchase any more postcards because their you Tube channel gets the job done. Of course, one might purchase on occasion to demonstrate how to lickem and stickem. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with any of this but it isn’t something I feel comfortable being a part of any time soon.

  6. I recently did the Postcard Tycoon program. I mailed out over 2800 postcards over a two month period. I did not earn a single commission even though it clearly states to expect a 1 to 3 percent conversion rate. The postcard does not convert it is the Youtube videos that are bringing in sales. These promoters of the program are scamming people.

  7. Chris Manning Direct Mail does not work like that. If you are marketing a legitimate program you have to keep mailing consistently. You can’t just mail out 2800 or 5000 postcards and stop. Over a 6 month Period I mailed out over 7500 postcards in a program I was promoting. The first 3-5 months a few orders trickled in. When the 6th month hit I started receiving orders every day for like 8 weeks. The 2 keys in Direct Marketing is Consistency and mailing to a large volume of different Income Opportunity buyers over time.

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