New eCommerce Business Ideas for the New Year

The new year brings new ecommerce business ideas that will help entrepreneurs get ahead in a competitive marketplace. The advantage of many of these ideas is that they are rather inexpensive to start and offer a wide range of possibilities. Plus, these are ideas that fit the current trend in the global market from urban to rural areas.
Of course, none of these ideas are guaranteed to succeed for you, but if you do your research, you can apply the right idea to meet a growing need and propel your business efforts towards profitability.

Beard Oil

Believe it or not, beard oil is actually an old idea going back thousands of years. However, in terms of today’s market it is a beard oilproduct that is exploding thanks to more men growing beards and looking for inexpensive, effective ways to take care of what they have. With nearly 40% of American men having a full beard or mustache, the market itself is quite competitive.

However, the beard oil market is also growing at a fast pace which means there is plenty of room for new entrepreneurs and income-seekers like yourself. You can do the research to find the right beard oil that matches the market you want to sell. And the social media platforms are a great way to market such products, especially if you use the right images and video to back up the effectiveness of the beard oil.

Equipment for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

There is little doubt that HIIT is growing fast among those looking to get into shape and lose weight. This is because High Intensity Interval Training is short in duration, but quite effective in building lean muscle and burning excess fat.

While some HIIT exercise programs do not require special equipment, there are some that do which include the following;

  • -Fitness Mats
  • -Jump Ropes
  • -Medicine Balls
  • -Weights: Dumbbells & More

There are businesses which offer such equipment which you can use as a drop ship source.   This means that you do not need to store the equipment, only sell it and reap the commission. Right now, HIIT equipment is a growing market with plenty of room for entrepreneurs who have a little startup money and can use Facebook and Google Ads.

Drones that Do Selfies

There is little doubt about the growth of drones in the business world. From videographers getting stunning video of surrounding dronelandscapes to farmers and ranchers checking on their fields and cattle respectively, drones have a myriad of uses that are only now being tapped.

One of the more interesting developments are small, inexpensive drones that take selfies. Instead of using a selfie stick, a drone can take pictures or video from a wide range of angles. The possibilities are quite strong with this business model as this type of drone can be easily carried and used by most people.

Plus, they are perfect for farmers and ranchers along with wedding photographers who want a stunning overlook of the ceremony, hobbyists, and even kids using toy drones. You can tailor your business to meet the demands of your local market which makes selfie drones a fascinating ecommerce business.


Over the past few years, smartwatches have grown considerably in smart watchpopularity, making them one of the most profitable new ecommerce business ideas. The market for smartwatches is expected to more than double over the next year which means that entrepreneurs have a remarkable opportunity to take advantage of what smartwatches can do.

From planning out the day to tracking steps, smartwatches have greatly expanded in terms of their capabilities. This means that more people are seeing them as a practical alternative to their smartphones for certain tasks, such as exercising or keeping track of their projects. Because of the wide range of possibilities, you can tailor your marketing efforts to reach a marketable niche.

As with HIIT equipment, you can find manufacturers or warehouses that will drop ship for you, meaning that all you need to do is sell the smartwatch and the drop ship company will do the rest while you earn a tidy profit.

Power Banks

For those who plan to be in locations where getting power for their mobile devices is problematic, the power bank offers the right solution. Power banks are a relatively new idea that has been exploding on the market thanks to so many people using smartphones and tablets. Today, over 80% of people who surf the web do so on mobile devices, so the power bank offers a great opportunity for you to make considerable sales.

What makes the power bank unique is that it applies to so many different groups of people, from business travelers to those in remote locations to people attending concerts, festivals, or events that have limited electrical outlets to charge up their devices. All you need to do is choose one niche and focus your social media ads, photos, and video marketing efforts and go.

Wireless Earphones

While traditional wired earphones still hold the lion’s share of the ear budsmarket, their wireless counterparts are growing considerably, especially over the past two years. As more people become comfortable with wireless earphones and their cost continues to drop, those looking for a great ecommerce idea have a proven, marketable product just waiting for them with wireless earphones.

The earphones come in different styles and purposes for those who exercise to those who just want to relax and listen to music. The wide variety of styles, colors, and purposes means that you can shape your ecommerce business around a single niche and potentially make a considerable amount of profit. Plus, you can advertise using Facebook or Google Ads and pair it with video for extra impact.

For entrepreneurs or those looking to create a second stream of income, there are several new ecommerce business ideas that hold great promise. In all cases, the items are not only proven, but some of the fastest growing on the market today. Plus, they are inexpensive if you find the right drop shipper.  An excellent resource for dropshipping is Salehoo.

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  1. These are really good ideas since they seem all popular devices and are currently on demand in the market. They are viable and one can adopt them quite first. The challenge may be where to get the right quality products with good rating and reviews. This would require one to first do a lot of research especially if you have no experience with the product.

    • Hi Anita,

      Thanks for the comment.  An excellent resource for drop shipping is Salehoo.  They offer training as well as hundreds of potential suppliers for the hottest products.

  2. Hi Bryan. Your post made fascinating reading on the items to market next year. They are items that are gaining in popularity as you say and if you are able to jump in just at the right time, it should prove very profitable. You mention drop shipping. Have you written a post or guide on how to do this?

  3. This was an interesting read about the new eCommerce Business opportunities.

    I knew about smart watches and drones and how lucrative they can be. Beard oil and Power Banks are totally new to me, but due to your article it makes so much sense to dive deeper into the topics. 

    I am already deep in contemplation which niche could be more profitable in the new year.

    You have given me some food for thoughts and I thank you for that.

  4. I have never even heard of beard oil.  I did not even know that it existed.  Wow, you have a lot of interesting ideas here.  I think that smart watches are great but the wireless earphones are even better, I really don’t like dealing with the wire that just keeps getting in my way, I will have to get me a pair of those.I really love the selfie drones.  That seems like the most amazing thing to get.  So many photo ops, that are going to be so much easier with this, can’t wait to get my hands on one.  I love the fact that it can take selfies and pics but I don’t have much experiance flying one of these yet.

      Are they easy to control?  I would love to get some great video with one.

    • Hi Andy,

      It definitely takes some practice, but not as hard as you might think.


  5. Hello!

    You have amazing ideas and you think really like the businessman. There is always possibility that you transform some ideas to real life. From your list my favorite are drones for taking selfies, we really could use them also somewhere else, maybe for guarding and taping tropical forests? Ok, that`s just one example 🙂

    I really like your article, I need to share it somewhere on the web, keep up the good work!

  6. Hi,

    I notice you include beard oil as a business idea.  Yes, men can actually profit from this and it is interesting to note that men can still grow facial hair even after becoming bald! It is definitely a hot market.

    Smart watches are also useful although  I do not use them personally.  I think they are a very good idea and can measure fitness on the go.

    I actually do HIIT exercises to keep fit.  I already have some of the equipment you mentioned; exercise mat, weights and skipping rope.  I watched a skipping video series by The Dudes who emphasise using a weighted skipping rope to get lean and in top shape. It is rather hard on the knees so a knee support is also a business idea as well.

    I really enjoyed reading this article.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wow — these are really great ideas, that I probably wouldn’t normally think of. Thanks for putting these together. Ideas like this can help in thinking of niche/audience possibilities for a new website. I know how hard it can be to think of an interesting and profitable niche. Your ideas here help to not only give some good examples, but also to help get some creative thinking going to facilitate brainstorming even more ideas. Thanks! 

  8. What are great ideas! I like the first one the most – Beard oil. It can be very successful in a country like India, especially in Kerala state. My husband is from Kerala, he doesn’t like a beard (thank God :)), but I think up to 60% young guys are crazy about it. Nowadays it seems to be like a competition there. Same is happening in Europe, of course not with that huge percentage but there is good potential. Thank you for sharing your post!

  9. Hey there Bryan! I was actually fishing for new business ideas and you delivered them to me. Some products here are quite interesting – drones for example – and I will put them on my list in order to make my choice. I never thought about making a website on power banks before. It seems to be an interesting market. I guess I’ll focus on new technologies as I am more interested in that field. Thanks! And I wish you all the best for the end of the year. 

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