MLM Home Based Business Opportunity – Is It For You?

For those who are thinking about starting their own home based business, one of the biggest challenges is deciding which type of business model is right for you. One of the most established and successful types are Multi-Level Marketing or MLM home based business opportunities. Around the world, many thousands of people are currently engaged in this form of marketing which has reaped considerable rewards over the years.
MLM Structure

What is MLM?

Multi-Level Marketing is a two-fold marketing process that combines the selling of products with recruiting new sellers. This means that someone who starts up an MLM business opportunity will make money by selling the products and by earning commissions from new members who join their team. If those new members recruit more people, then they earn even more commissions as a result.

Successful MLMs usually revolve around a product that has wide appeal, such as vitamin supplements for example. However, the number of products can be considerable from food to electronics and so forth depending on the parent company. In fact, many manufacturers and retail companies like to use MLM along with affiliate marketing, to help sell their products.

There is usually a parent company that provides you with the products to sell, information on how to market your business, and advice on how to recruit new members.

Why Choose MLM?

There are solid reasons for choosing to join an MLM as your business, if only because it is a proven system that has helped many thousands of people earn a second income and for some enjoy financial independence.

Quick Start: Given how you earn money, you can jump-start the business right away in recruiting new members or selling products, whichever works best for you. Recruitment requires effort, but by building up your team quickly, that will aid in getting your business off the ground.

Flexibility: The MLM has been quite popular as a home based business in large part because it provides two different methods of making money. The flexibility is important because it allows a person to switch their efforts from one to the other depending on which is showing more success.

Durability: The more effort you put into creating a good team, the longer-lasting your business will be. This is an important factor because it provides the stability that many other home based business types lack and often result in crashing after a few months. With MLM, you get more stability which results in a longer-lasting business model.

Most likely, your efforts will be better served in recruiting new members to your team which in turn will create more opportunities for you to make money. Of course, you should spend some time building up your product sales which will help establish your authority over time.

If you are considering adding a second stream of income or replacing your full-time job, then an MLM home based business opportunity may be the right answer. It combines two different methods of earning money and can built upon itself depending on how much effort you put into recruiting new members.

A couple of Multi Level Marketing opportunities I highly recommend are Let’s Multiply and ICanGet2. You can read reviews on each of them by clicking these links, Let’s MultiplyICanGet2.


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  1. Hey Stratcon,
    This is an interesting venture at the same time controversial marketing scheme. It is taken with a lot of mixed reactions. There are those who succeed and others quit or are taken for a ride by scams.

    How do you do convince a person that your MLM company is not another pyramid or ponzi scheme.

    • Thanks for your comment.  I think there is only one way to prove your MLM is not pyramid and that is with actual proven documented results.

  2. I understand MLM programs are very popular. Do these types of systems give you any leads or is that completely up to the individual? I know people involved in some of these programs, fragrances, candles, etc. It seems like the people making money are not the people I know but the folks who “helped” them get started. I know people tend to burn out of these pretty quick. I am sure it takes a long time to build a following or gain traction. Thanks for this information, I look forward to hearing back from you.

    • Thanks for your comment Steve,

      Yes that is the major problem with MLM programs in that if people don’t see immediate results they do tend to give up early.  Like anything worth doing it does take some time to see results but if you are persistent you will see results that sometimes can be outstanding.

  3. I have been a part of many of these programs over the years and if the truth could be told I drop out because of what you are faced with at times. I am not saying that they were a scam even though some of them are but the amount of work that is involved and you are not sure if those you bring on will work along with you for success. this is a business where not only you but those that you bring on work also and that is the hard part at times.

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